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BMW i7 Protection - English Version


- BMW i7 Protection -


 - English Version -

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Up date: 14/12/2023

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At the Munich Motor Show in September 2023, BMW presented its 100% electric 760i Xdr armoured limousine.


 This is a first in the world of security in terms of a 100% electric vehicle.


 Until now, armoured cars have been powered by petrol and diesel engines, as well as some hybrid models.


In fact, the engine has to be very powerful, given the weight of the armour, which is added to that of the car.


It is based on the classic i7 M70 xDrive with 659 bhp.


Unladen, the car weighs 4.5 tonnes (including the two tonnes of armour).


The manufacturer gives its range as 400 kilometres...


 It is designed to withstand bursts from Kalashnikov or M16 machine guns,


 It can also withstand an explosion of 15 kilos of TNT from a distance of two metres...


 Fitted with MICHELIN PAX tyres, it is taller than a conventional i7.


The interior is luxurious, with a leather armchair and all the equipment found on this type of finish.


 It also has jacks to help open armoured doors.


 It is made by BMW on "special request" and is priced at over 500,000 euros.


Here's the promotional video for the BMW i7 Protection.


We have already seen models of the I7 at the APEC 2022 Forum in Thailand.

These were offered to the many delegations present


 As well as to their President of their republic, as here with that of CHILE.



And here, the French delegation.

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