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French Urban Riots at the end of June and July 2023


French Urban Riots at the end of June 2023  

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Update: 06/07/2023
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Photo taken from a video during the Police intervention on 27/06/2023 in Nanterre

On Tuesday June 27, 2023, in Nanterre, Hauts de Seine, a chase took place between a 17-year-old driving a yellow Mercedes and two Police Nationale motorcyclists, following a refusal to yield. After more than 10 minutes of pursuit, the yellow car was blocked by a car. The two bikers took the opportunity to get off their bikes. One of them points his gun at the windshield and, after a few moments, fires when the car starts up again.


Teenager's car on 27/06/2023

Mortally wounded, the 17-year-old died a hundred meters away. One of the three occupants was arrested, while the front passenger fled.


French Prime Minister E. BORNE with the Mayor of Garges les Gonesse, Val d'Oise, on 06/29/2023, in front of the burnt-out facade of the town hall on the night of 06/28/2023.

The affair quickly turned political. The President of the Republic, his Prime Minister and his Minister of the Interior immediately condemned the biker's gesture and the attitude of his colleague. Violent rioting ensued on the night of June 27, 2023, in Nanterre. 


Building and car fire in Lille on 28/06/2023

The following day, riots broke out after midnight in a number of French cities...


CRS intervening in a French town on the night of June 28-29, 2023

The French Homeland discovered that on the night of June 28, 2023, the riots broke out after midnight. The social networks enabled the rioters to coordinate a sort of escalation of dramatic incidents: town halls set on fire, police stations attacked with mortars, public buildings set on fire, municipal police stations in various towns set on fire, shopping centers set on fire.


Burning of street furniture during the White March in Nanterre on 29/06/23

On Thursday June 29, 2023, a white march was organized. During the march, the Forces de l'Ordre were pelted with stones, and cars and street furniture were set alight. During the day, the walls of Nanterre were tagged with the words "Revolt for Nahel" and "Vengeance for Nahel".. 


CRS during the night of 29/06/2023, in Vaulx en Velin, a suburb of Lyon.

The authorities are worried that the so-called "sensitive" neighborhoods will catch fire, as they did in 2005, when they lasted more than three weeks. 

Indeed, in comparison with 2005, we see an acceleration in the figures:

Vehicles burned:

 In three weeks in 2005 = 9.000 - From June 27 to 29, 2013 = 2.000 

Police officers and Gendarmes injured:  

In three weeks in 2005 = + de 200 -  June 29, 2013 over 250  


Police officers engaged 

At the peak of riots in 2005 = 12.000, on June 29, 2023 = 40.000  

RAID déployer in Nanterre on 28/06/2023

On June 29, 2023, more than 40,000 police and gendarmes were deployed throughout the country to deal with the night of rioting.


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Tramways on fire on 29/06/23 in Clamart, Hauts de Seine

Numerous riots broke out in other towns on June 29, 2023, with vehicles set on fire and confrontations with the forces of law and order. Several cities shut down their public transport networks, including Paris from 9pm and Lille from 8pm. In other cities, the police will ask for public transport to be suspended, as in Nantes, in the face of stoning and bus fires in various parts of the city...


Incendie à Clichy la Garenne dans la nuit du 29/06/2023

Fire in Clichy la Garenne on the night of 29/06/2023

During the night of June 29 to 30, 2023, 421 people were arrested nationwide, mainly aged between 14 and 18.

There were 249 police officers and gendarmes injured, and 77 attacks on national police stations, municipal police stations and Gendarmerie brigades.


Photo of a call for rallies published on a French website

Calls for rallies on Social Networks will take place on June 30, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. in major urban centers such as Bordeaux, Bourges, Caen, Clemont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Nantes and others.

The public authorities banned these gatherings.  


Cars set on fire during the White march on 29/06/2023 in Nanterre

The State of Emergency, which allows the authorities to impose a curfew, will come into force in several cities in the next few days. This state of emergency took place in 2005, after 12 days following the death of two young people in a transformer, and was followed by riots that lasted over three weeks throughout France...

Gendarmerie VBRG deployed in a French town on the night of 30/06/23

On the fourth night of rioting, the authorities deployed a number of armored vehicles, including the Gendarmerie Nationale's VBRG and VBP CENTAURE, to support law enforcement units in neighborhoods and city centers.

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Video of Armored vehicle of BRI

Arquus SHERPA of the BRI in Nanterre on 29/06/2023 during urban riots
Specialized intervention units such as the RAID, BRI and GIGN are also present with their armored vehicles to arrest people armed with firearms. 
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 RAID members on quad bike in Lille on 29/06/23
  The RAID has also deployed machines that give it greater mobility in the face of obstacles...

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Gendarmes équipés de fusils d'assaut lors d'émeutes violente dans le Val d'Oise en juillet 2016
Faced with an armed risk, the French Gendarmerie Nationale had already had to deal with this type of risk, in July 2016, following the death of a young man, and where 13 forces of Order and Law had been injured by firearms. It had adopted exceptional measures to restore calm, but over a much smaller area.

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Gendarmerie VBP CENTAURE intervening during the riots on 06/30/23
On the fourth night of rioting, June 30, 2023, more than 1,300 people were arrested, including 406 in the Paris region, more than 1,350 cars were set on fire, and more than 260 buildings were torched or damaged, including 26 town halls, 24 schools and 5 law courts. During the same night, 31 national police stations, 16 municipal police stations and 11 Gendarmerie barracks were attacked.
Truck set on fire in Nantes on 30/06/2023
Compared to 2005, we're seeing young people clearly more mobile, coordinating via Social Networks and staying only half an hour to loot and/or burn commercial or public buildings, to move on to the next target. What's more, in 2005, urban violence was confined to the suburbs, whereas since June 28, 2023, large groups of people have been going into city centers to loot, knowing that the Forces de l'Ordre are in the difficult neighborhoods on the outskirts...
Forces of Order and Law in a Paris street on the night of July 1 to 02, 2023  
On the night of July 1 to 02, 2023, police units were out in force throughout France. 45,000 police officers and gendarmes, including 7,000 in Paris and its immediate suburbs.

Forces of Order in Law in Evreux in the night of July 01 to 02,2023 
The number of arrests was down: 719 compared with 1,311 the previous night. During the night, 45 police officers and gendarmes were injured, compared with 79 the previous night, 651 vehicles and buildings were set on fire, compared with 1,616 the previous night, and 871 fires were set on public thoroughfares, compared with 2,560 the previous night.
CRS officers accompanying a rioter arrested in Marseille on the night of 02/03/2023  
The night of Sunday July 02 to Monday July 03, 2023 saw a real slowdown in violence and looting across France: 157 people were arrested throughout the country, three police officers and gendarmes were injured, more than 350 fires were set on public roads, and more than 330 vehicles and buildings were set alight. A police station and a gendarmerie barracks were attacked by fireworks mortars. 

The President of the "SeMée" Association in Seine et Marne in front of his burnt-out building on 03/07/2023 
Numerous association premises have also been burnt down, including those of "Restos du Coeur" in Val de Marne and Yvelines, "Aide aux Sans-abris" in Paris and a social grocery store in Seine et Marne.   

RAID arrest of a rioter in Lyon during the riots of early July 2023 
During the sixth night of rioting (night of July 03 to 04, 2023), the figures show a marked decrease in the number of extreme cases seen in recent days. With 45,000 police officers and gendarmes still present, there were 72 arrests, compared with 157 the previous night. This brings the total number of arrests since the start of the riots to 3,486.
Persan town hall in Val d'Oise burnt down on 01/07/2023 
During the night of July 03 to July 04, 2023, 159 vehicles were set on fire, 24 buildings damaged and four law enforcement premises (Police Nationale, Gendarmerie, Police Municipale) attacked.

12 RATP buses set on fire in AUBERVILLIERS on 30/06/2023 
Damage on July 04, 2023 is estimated at 1 billion euros by the MEDEF, the French employers' union, not to mention the damage to France's international image .
Store protected after riots in Marseille 03/07/2023
Figures from the French Ministry of the Interior for July 04, 2023:
more than 5,700 vehicles set on fire; more than 11,100 fires on public roads, more than 1,300 buildings burnt or damaged, more than 250 attacks on national or municipal police stations and gendarmerie brigades, more than 770 police officers or gendarmes injured, as well as 35 firefighters injured.
Shops set on fire in a Poitiers neighborhood on 04/07/2023  
The night of July 04 to 05, 2023 showed a significant drop, with 16 people arrested, 8 buildings set on fire and more than 75 vehicles burned.
VBP Centaure de la Gendarmerie à Grigny durant les émeutes fin juin 2023
On the night of July 05 to 06, 2023, there were 20 arrests and more than 80 fires or attempted fires on the public highway, mostly garbage can fires. This shows a lull.
In one week, 3,625 people were taken into custody, including 1,124 minors. Of these, 990 were brought before the courts and 380 were incarcerated.

French Video interview with Alain BAUER on 29/06/2023

Here's an interview with Alain BAUERCriminologist at the CNAM, explaining the situation and the reasons for this conflagration on French Radio "Europe 1", including "the habit and the rapport de Force of using violence to deal with social problems. For him, France is a country that doesn't know negotiation or discussion, so everything is a matter of power. It's the idea that only violence allows the State to discuss, and that broken windows are better than broken lives...".

He also speaks of "the problem of confrontation, because for a party that wants to fight, the Police, Public Services, Republican Order, it's not Republican Order, it's another gang... There's a territorial conflict of control of spaces and territory from an event that generated it."

French Video interview with Driss GHALI on 05/07/2023 
Driss GHALI, writer and Political Science graduate, gives his views on "Riots: whose fault is it ?" in a video interview with the French weekly magazine "Le Figaro":"we'll have to live with the threat of separatism, with territorial separatism".  

He also explains that "the Regalian State must return to the suburbs and crack down, and talks of having a local authority rather than a local police force enforcing the law in an increasingly criminogenic society".

French Video interview with Frédéric PLOQUIN on 06/07/2023  

Frédéric PLOQUIN,  journalist and specialist in Grand Banditisme, answers in an interview with French Radio/TV RMC, to the question: "Did the dealers help restore calm ?"  
Answer: "It's credible because drug dealers are very pragmatic people, who count their money morning and night and organize "3-eights" in their neighborhoods to sell drugs. Disorder is not necessarily good for business. They don't have shop windows, they have catchment areas. Police patrols, burning cars, fighting labor, it's not good for their business..."

Similarly, a 2011 study by the WHO (World Health Organization) presented some indications on juvenile violence.
Here are a few excerpts:

"There are strong links between youth violence and other forms of violence. Violent young people frequently commit a range of offences and manifest other social and psychological problems."

"Individual factors" 
The main personality and behavioral factors that can be associated with youth violence are:

- hyperactivity - impulsiveness - lack of self-control - attention problems - history of aggressive behavior - low level of education. - Influence of family and peers."

"Social, political and cultural factors"
Gangs are a powerful breeding ground for youth violence.
Weak social ties in the community are also associated with an increased frequency of youth violence.
The country's administration, its legislation and the means used to enforce it, as well as its social policy, have a major effect on violence.
Factors such as income inequality, rapidly changing demographics in young populations and urbanization have been linked to the development of youth violence.
Cultures that do not offer non-violent solutions to conflict resolution seem to experience a higher frequency of youth violence.

Riot in Nanterre following the death of a 17-year-old - 06/29/2023  
Such violence in French cities has become the norm, as you'll see in this feature on urban violence in France in recent years.

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But elsewhere, how is this urban violence going ?

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to see the violence in Sweden, England and the USA, where the social context is much the same... 


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