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Russian armoured vehicle manufacturer RIDA - English Version

- RIDA -

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  RIDA is a Russian bodybuilder that has been in business since 1993 and manufactures armoured vehicles and modifies luxury vehicles into armoured vehicles. .


They are created for governments Russian Federations, or their ambassadors, businessmen, Russian oligarchs and African presidents.


RIDA also manufactures armoured vehicles for armies and police forces.



Tests are carried out, such as braking


or avoidance due to the heavy weight of the added armour.


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Here are some of their models offered to their customers:


Mercedes Maybach V8 

Video of the Mercedes MAYBACH designed by RIDA



Video of the Rolls Royce CULLINAN designed by RIDA



Video of the Rolls Royce CULLINAN +350mm by RIDA 


Toyota LC200

Video of Toyota LC200 by RIDA 


 Toyota LC300

Video of Toyota LC300 by RIDA


Land Rover d'escorte 


Video of the LAND ROVER designed by RIDA 


A video of the test with automatic weapons

And as RIDA is Russian, here are its next models, Russian of course:
The AURUS in various saloon, limousine and 4X4 versions

L'AURUS sous différentes versions Berline, limousine et 4X4


AURUS KORTEZH du Président russe

The Russian President's AURUS KORTEZH
For those who are interested, I wrote an article on the Russian President's limousine, the AURUS KORTEZH:

The Russian President's limousine
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The brand has also specialised in armoured vehicles for special units, police services or private companies with the BURAN:   

Videos of this armoured vehicle:

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