jeudi 20 octobre 2016

GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Wedding - Part 1


Any resemblance to actual persons or situations or having existed would be purely coincidental

2nd Season

4th episode - WEDDING -

 Part 1: Training

Munich, heilig Church, 11:05

The crowd  : "Long live the newlyweds !!! "

Izabelle, The Bride  "Thank you. See you soon at the house of my father ... "

Man in gray under the tree : "The Married ones and the guests depart for the property. "

Man in gray under the tree , "I'll let you know as soon as we arrive ..."

At the same time, at the training center of the Bavarian Police and SEK (Spezialeinsatzkommando, special forces of the police) in Munich

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Ladies and gentlemen, last joint training day. We saw methodologies, tactical approach, the procedures and the difficult situations you have experienced or not. "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Never forget that face us, we can have people determined to die and others that we can reason with. But ultimately it is your safety and that the team is the most important !!! Prepare us for the latest simulations !!! "

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "My SEK men (Spezialeinsatzkommando, special forces of the police) have learned a lot from your methods ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "The key is training, training, training ... This coordination between SEK different landers and GSG9 is essential if we act together."

Jürgen ADENAUER  "Your center is also very well equipped .... "

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "Indeed, our officers regularly come to upgrade every year"

Jürgen Adenauer  : "And your place of shooting is very well laid out ... Come see the briefing of the training"

Shooting Monitor GSG9  "You will evolve in a crowd. The public is black. 2 gunmen were identified. You will progress in two columns: Alpha and Bravo left, right. Will put you in position ... "

Hans BRAUN : "This is a situation that you have had ??? "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "No, but sometimes we got into the crowd in a prosecution ..."

Alpha  "Alpha up to the left ..."

Bravo  "Bravo up the right flank"

Alpha  "Alpha is OK ..."

Bravo  "Bravo is OK ..."

Shooting Monitor GSG9  "TOP ACTION !!! "

Alpha  : "POLIZEI POLIZEI !!!! "

Alpha  : "RED !!! "


Alpha  : "A neutralized target ... Let us continue the progress ..."

Alpha  : "POLIZEI, HANDS UP  !!! "


Alpha  "hostage taker is kill ... Hostage is OK..."




Bravo  : "3 rd individual neutralized ..."

Hans BRAUN : "During the briefing, the monitor had reported two armed individuals, not 3."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Little surprise for our teams ... We must always be on guard ... Other accomplices may be in the crowd ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "For this he was stopped dead ... One in the head and two in the heart ..."

Shooting Monitor GSG9  : "As you can see there are 2 impacts on that target, one in the left shoulder and one in the head. Shot in the left shoulder is to act on the individual by turning it to the left and avoid pulling on his hostage and drop his weapon, the second in the head to neutralize completely ... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Go to next training .... "

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