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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Wedding - Last part


Any resemblance to actual persons or situations or HAVING Existed Would Be Purely coincidental

2nd Season

4th episode - WEDDING -

Last Part of this episode

Man in gray  "Cars ... The occupants can leave the keys on it .... "


Man in gray  , "OK!!! "

Charlie  : "Here Charlie, the suspect was arrested  by men of SEK .... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Here, Good coordination .... Let's go to the property! "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Here the commander, group the hostage taker's house VON kuppel and the hostages released in a large room ..."

Property Otto VON kuppel, 3:01 p.m.

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "The guards and domestic staff are well ... They were all tied up in the cellar ... No hurt ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "An perfect operation ... Now instead the media ..."

Apartment Berlin FUCHS, 3:02 p.m.

(If you find this web series, Hagen FUCHS is the leader of a group of Ecowarriors, the LOG (Liberators Of Gaia, Gaia's Liberators) see Episode 2 Season 2 )

Ulrich ROFENDAL  "Hagen, come quickly to see on TV ..."

ROFENDAL Ulrich  : "There would have been a hostage in Munich ..."

Lou  : "Here Lou live from Munich to TV Z. There two hours that the police intervened to free hostages ..."

Lou : "The GSG9 units helped local police in their response. "

Lou  : "The police killed a kidnapper and arrested 5 suspects. They tried, made in, steal guests at a wedding of the daughter of rich industrialist Otto VON kuppel, the tenth richest man in Germany .... "

Lou : "Men come supervised by officers from SEK Munich .... "

Lou : "According to official sources, these people are members of a group of écowarriors struggling against polluters and make violent demonstrations ...."

Hagen FUCHS  : " But it was Wolf who was arrested with members of our group ..."

Lou  : "They are also known for punch operations at industral sites, this group would they have changed from activities in the crime. The investigation will tell ..."

Lou : "The freed hostages are being taken care of by doctors and rescue workers ..."

Lou  : "  Currently the 5 hijackers are transferred for questioning.  " 

Lou : " It was Lou to Z TV, live from Munich ..."

Hagen FUCHS  : " Stupid man .... He didn't understand ... I had not thought of doing such actions for our group ... We will have to act and really make an impression !!! "

End of episode 4

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