jeudi 20 octobre 2016

GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Wedding - Part 5


Any resemblance to actual persons or situations or HAVING Existed Would Be Purely coincidental

2nd Season

4th episode - WEDDING -

Part 5: Preparation

Summary of the previous section  : The men burst at a wedding party to rob the rich guests. However, a server had time to call the police. The GSG9 arrived with the SEK Munich discreetly. Following this is now ...

In a suburb of MUNICH, 12:45 A.M

Jürgen Adenauer  : "To see what the hostage takers we will use a new gadget that we have received it 1 month ago: The drone" Black Hornett PD 100 "( link here ).

Jürgen Adenauer  : "It is as small as a sparrow, has 3 cameras, makes no noise, a battery life of 25 minutes and an operating radius of 1.5 kilometers. Its price is very modest 40,000 euros the device ... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Here, it's gone. Let's look on the monitor what he sees ... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "It is above us ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "It approaches the property ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "No outside watcher ..."

Eva Hann  : "Certainly the boat, described by the server, with which the kidnappers arrived ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "We will bring us closer to the property ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "The doors, go down !!! "

 Jürgen Adenauer  : "Here the guests. They are in a large room. We see a hostage taker and another right ... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "... went around the house. "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Nobody outside the front door ..."

Eva Hann  : "Man spotted by my men is still at the gate ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Lead the drone on the ground floor window !!! "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "This is an office with a bald man in front of a computer, and a hostage taker without hood. Directs the camera to the right !!! "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Another hostage taker ..."

Eva Hann  : "The big bald man is Otto VON kuppel with his daughter"

Jürgen Adenauer  : "For us at least six kidnappers .... We will be able to approach us closer ... Here's How ... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Here is what I propose: 2 assault columns progressing with discretion. Alpha invests the entrance to go into the office where VON kuppel and daughter and the second assault column "Bravo" will take care of the room where the maximum hostage is. "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "A team of SEK will take care of the man at the gate and secure the area around the property. Another one of my teams will be held on the lake to prevent them from escaping there ... "

Eva Hann  : "I call the department to ask them permission to intervene ..."

Eva Hann  : "It's good. I have the green light from the Department ... Get ready ... "

12:55 A.M

Alpha  : "Here Alpha, we are progressing with Bravo in the property which is adjacent to that of the kidnappers ..."

Alpha  : "The scale !!! "

Alpha  : "Go, Go, Go !!! "

Alpha  : "We are right, Bravo left !!! "

Bravo  "Bravo in position ..."

Alpha  "Alpha waiting for neutralizing the man at the gate ..."

Charlie  : "Ready for action ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Get ready for action .... "

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