jeudi 20 octobre 2016

GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Wedding - Part 2


Any resemblance to actual persons or situations or HAVING Existed Would Be Purely coincidental

2nd Season

4th episode - WEDDING -

Part 2: Guests surprises

Summary of the last part: A couple marries in Munich. The GSG9 is also to Munich to train with the teams of SEK the Bavarian police. The Next this is now ...

Suburbs of Munich, 11:45

Driver of the gray Porsche  : "We are coming ..."

Driver of the gray Porsche  : "They enter the property followed by their friends and family ..."

Driver of the gray Porsche  : "There are four bodyguards at the entrance..."

Driver of the gray Porsche  : "Get ready ..."

Moments later in the garden

Otto VON kuppel, the father of the bride  "Dear Married, dear friends, my daughter ... I would like to thank the guests who were willing to celebrate and celebrate with us the union of our children ... I am deeply moved to be here today. You grew up so fast and you will now be the wife of a man and the mother of my grandchildren .... Celebrate together that day, and I wish to live happily married and love each other as I have loved your mother ... "

The crowd  : "HOORAY .... "

Izabel, the bride  : "Thanks Dad, thank you all, and let the fun begin ..."

Man in gray  , "It's OK. The guests entertained ... The bodyguards are located on the property: 2 at the entrance, 2 in the garden and the head of security next to the father of the groom ... You can come ... "



Otto VON kuppel, the father of the bride  , "What is it? It is not expected that guests go by the lake ??? "

Hans, bodyguard  : "It's true Sir ..."

Otto VON kuppel "Hans, you take care of these people !!! "

Hans, bodyguard  , "Günter, Hans here, go with Karl and let them go ..."

Günter  : "Gentlemen, you can not land here. It's a private property !!! "

Man in gray  , "We have a little special invitation !!! "


Man with hood : "Ladies and gentlemen, HANDS UP ! Come on. Hurry up ! "

Bodyguard  : "Have you heard ??? "

Bodyguard 2  "Yes, i heard gunshots ... I call Hans ! "

Otto VON kuppel : "Tell our men and the police !!! "

Man in gray  , "NO Hans !!! HANDS UP ! Warn the other 2 guards in front of the house that are firecrackers !!! "

Hans, chief bodyguards  : "Here Hans, nothing serious was firecrackers as guests were launched in the park ... Everything is under control .... "

Man in gray  , "Great ..."

Bodyguard  : "A van at the entrance ... It isn't planned delivery ...."

Bodyguard  : "Yes? "

Van driver  : "It's to enter !!! "

Man with hood : "Don't move !!! "

Bodyguard  : "Hoooo !!! "

nd man with hood  : "Don't move  !!! "

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