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GSG9 1/87 - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Part 2 - English Version



   - English Version -

This story is fiction.

Character names and facts are fictitious.

Any resemblance to actual or actual persons or situations is purely coincidental.

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(Sorry if there are errors in the meaning, word or verb of the expressions).

- Version Française -
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- Part 2 : LOSE CONTROL   -

Summary of the previous part: The ATLAS Program, which gathers 36 special units from different European countries, coordinates to stop terrorist cells on their territory.

Germany will intervene in 3 cities simultaneously and its missions are entrusted to GSG9.

During the interventions, the GSG9 will discover that the suspects have all disappeared and will find documents on an American drone, a flight plan and a map of the area of the city of St Peter Ording, in the north of Germany...

Quickly, thanks to several elements found in the apartments of the suspects, the threat becomes clear: an American drone has just taken off from a German base in the north of Germany, and the flight plan coincides with this drone...

It is decided that Commander CAPISCOL goes to this city with his team just in case...

In the meantime, a man nicknamed "Number 1" has just arrived in a residence in St Peter Ording, protected by many policemen.












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