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The limousines of Queen Elizabeth II - English Version

The limousines of Queen Elizabeth II 
- From 1950 to 2022 -

    - English Version -

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Up date: 04/11/2022
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ROLL'S ROYCE of Queen Elizabeth II

The WINDSOR family has, since the 50's, chosen the brand ROLL'S ROYCE / BENTLEY as supplier of the British Royal Family.


DAIMLER DE36 Straight Hooper limousine Landaulette

Previously the British royal family rode in DAIMLER limousines including the DE36 Straight Hooper limousine Landaulette, as seen here at the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign in a London street on June 04, 1953.

During a tour in the South Pacific in New Zealand and Australia, early 1954, DAIMLER was still present to transport the royal couple, as seen here in Auckland

Arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband in Sydney

 But these DAIMLER Landaulettes were ordered by the two countries and not by the Royal Household.

Official Fleet of Daimler for the Queen's visit to Wellington in New Zealand on 09/01/1954

Six DAIMLER for Australia and six for New Zealand as you can see on the picture above.


It is the influence of the Duke of Edimbourgh, husband of the Queen Elizabeth II who decides, whereas she is not yet Queen, to adopt a more modern and comfortable car than the limousines DAIMLER and LANCHESTER.

ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM IV 1954 during a displacement of the Queen in Sierra Leone

ROLL'S ROYCE is going to create a rare limousine built in 18 copies: the PHANTOM IV.


Video where we see this Roll's Royce Phantom IV in 1961 
during the displacement of the Queen Elizabeth II in Sierra Leone



It is sold exclusively to the reigning families.



The attention given to the finishing touches make these limousines exceptional.


Video in English presenting this model of the Queen 

ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM IV - 1954 at the wedding of Prince HARRY in May 2019 

It was used during the Wedding of Prince HARRY and his wife Meghan, in May 2019. This one was used to take the Bride and her mother.


Accession to the throne of King Felipe VI in 2014

The Spanish Royal Family owns three of them, including a convertible model, and always uses them in different important Spanish ceremonies.

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In 1960, the mark proposes the ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM V Model 1960.



All the royal cars are painted with a black roof and the body in Royal Claret.



On the roof we can distinguish the panel of the coat of arms and a standard holder. 


ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM V - 1960 - In the street of London

The Royal limousines do not have license plate.


ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM VI - 1977- during the visit of the King and the Queen of Norway 

18 years later, the ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM VI Model 1977 is proposed to the Queen.


Like the PHANTOM V, the 1977 model has a panoramic rear roof which allows to see the Queen during her travels.



Planned for the Queen's Jubilee in 1977, this one will be delivered only in 1978 following a worker's demonstration in the factory where it was built.


 This ROLL'S ROYCE was the first limousine of the Queen equipped with a more flexible automatic gearbox.

ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM VI - 1978 - at the time of the Marriage of Prince WILLIAM in 2012

During the wedding of Prince WILLIAM in 2012, the PHANTOM VI Model 1977 was used to transport the Prince's future wife and the father of the Bride to the Church.


at the time of the Marriage of Prince WILLIAM in 2012

One can see this large back window which allows to distinguish the future Bride of the Prince, the Duchess Kate MIDDLETON.


at the time of the Marriage of Prince WILLIAM in 2012

BENTLEY and ROLL'S ROYCE are only one entity since 1931 until the partition of 1998.



In 1987, a new ROLL'S ROYCE completes the limousines of the Royal Court with a  PHANTOM VI Model 1987


Always with the colors of the Royal House.


This one takes again the contours of that of 1978 but the roof is less high.


We can see this difference on this picture: in the foreground the 1977 PHANTOM VI and in the background the 1987 one.


 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 -

In 2002, BENTLEY offered two "STATE Limousines" for the Queen's Golden Jubilee.


 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 - In the street of London

They are armored up to the panoramic roof which is bulletproof and the floor which is mineproof.

 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 -

Moreover, the tires are reinforced with Kevlar to be able to drive even if they are punctured during an attack.

 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 -

They are also equipped with a sealing system to isolate the occupants in case of chemical or biological attack.

 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 -

On the top of the radiator is a sculpture of St George slaying a dragon.

 The Queen's Car Mascot" -

This ornament is called "The Queen's Car Mascot"

 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 -

And as on the previous Roll's Royce of apparat, they have a panoramic rear roof.

BENTLEY State Limousine 2002 in front of the Elysée Palace in Paris during the D-DAY commemorations in June 2014

Weighing in at over three tons, their V8s can propel them at over 200 kilometers per hour, although they drive more slowly during ceremonies.

 BENTLEY State Limousine 2002

They have a setting that allows them to drive at low speed and for a long time, without the engine heating up...

Queen Elizabeth II arriving at the Arc de Triomphe on 05/06/2014 aboard her Bentley Royal.

During her visit to Paris in June 2014, Queen Elizabeth II had come with one of the BENTLEY Limousine model 2002.
  Video of the descent of Queen Elizabeth II
with the French President in a Renault Vel Satis
To go down the Champs Elysees, the Queen got into the car of the President of the time because of the protocol. Indeed, a person who does not belong to the British Royal Family is not allowed to ride in a royal limousine. And in the inviting country, if the President stands next to the Queen, it is in a ceremonial vehicle of the host country .

Video of this limousine in 2014 in Paris 

Queen Elizabeth II greeting the crowd in front of the Dukes of Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II used to travel during military troop reviews, or sometimes during celebrations, in this RANGE ROVER SPORT received in 2015.


Queen Elizabeth II reviewing the troops on 19/10/2017 in Hyde Park
This rather tall vehicle allowed the Queen to see the public or the soldiers during commemorations.


Queen Elizabeth II during the 300 years of the Royal Artillery on 26/05/2016
The body of this RANGE ROVER SPORT takes the colors of the English royal cars, namely black and Royal Claret.


Queen Elizabeth II during the 300 years of the Royal Artillery on 26/05/2016

The Queen could get out of this vehicle as any car...


Video of this Range Rover Sport at the 300th anniversary of the Royal Artillery in May 2016

Queen Elizabeth II during her 90th birthday on 21/04/2016
This vehicle was also used during outings of the Queen in the company of her husband, as here, with Prince Philip, in Windsor during her 90th birthday in April 2016


Arrival of the Queen during her platinum Jubilee on 15/05/2022
We could see in 2022, a Range Rover of last generation serve for the Queen during her Platinum Jubilee. Here she arrives to attend the "Gallop Trough History" at the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Windsor Castle on May 15, 2022

The Queen also had at her disposal a royal helicopter, the "Queen's Helicopter Fligth" which allows her to leave Buckingham Palace to official missions, where she needs to go more easily. It is also used by other members of the British royal family in the same context.


This helicopter is a SIKORSKY S-76C model and is in service since 2009. Its autonomy allows it to travel 640 kilometers with a fuel reserve of 30 minutes.

Video of the arrival and departure of the "Queen's Helicopter Fligth"
  Arrival of King Charles III at Buckingham Palace in September 2022
On the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, King Charles III travelled in various Roll's Royce indicating that he was the King, with, on this occasion, on the roof, the coat of arms of the Royal Family.

Arrival of the Queen's hearse on 13/09/2022 in front of Bucckingham Palace in London
Queen Elizabeth II, as is customary, organized her funeral and chose the hearse that was to be used during several national events. She also decided that the hearse should be illuminated on the inside so that the crowd could see the coffin as it passed through the streets of London.
Daimler DS420 of the English Royal Family 
It can be noted that in the English Royal car fleet are present DAIMLER DS420.

Daimler DS420 of the English Royal Family during a ceremony in the 90s in Liverpool  
Indeed, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, loved these limousines.
Two Daimler DS420 of the English Royal Family in 2014  
Five DAIMLER DS420 were delivered in 1970, 1978, 1983, 1986 and 1992 and served the Queen Mother between 1970 until her death in 2002.

Daimler DS420 of the English Royal Family in 2014  
Some are still used to transport members of the Royal Family for annual celebrations.
Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the English Royal Family
The JAGUAR brand in 2012 delivered two XJ State Limousine models in British royal colors. 

Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the British Royal Family  
This model has been lengthened from the classic model.
Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the British Royal Family  
This model is also used for ceremonial purposes by members of the English Royal Family.
Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the English Royal Family
The plates of these models are NGN 1 and NGN 2, one of which is the numbering of one of the DAIMLER DS420 of the Queen Mother
Here is a video of this model   


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