jeudi 2 juillet 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 3: AMOK - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit -Episode 3 - AMOK -

 Part 1: Cinemas

Street Cinemas, Berlin, 1:01 p.m.

Peter  : "You want to see which movie? "

Hilledegarde  "I do not know ..."

In a nearby street
Vinzenz SHUMIZ  : "Are you ready? "

Hans KUTTER  "Yes, shippers are full ..."

Vinzenz SHUMIZ  : "Then let's go !!! "

Hilledegarde  "Das Vaterspiel pleases me well ...."

Peter  : "Let's go to see what time the session ..."


Vinzenz SHUMIZ  : "Okay, back !!! We're going !!! "


Apartment Fuchs, Berlin, 2:03 p.m.
HAGEN FUCHS  : "We have to mark the spirits Everyone has already forgotten our action at the event with the French minister. (link on this episode) "

Ulrich ROFENDAL  "Hagen HAGEN, come here !!! "

HAGEN FUCHS  : "What? "

Ulrich ROFENDAL  "A special flash on TV. A man fired into the crowd in Berlin, there are 40 minutes .... "

Lou 44  : "Here Lou TV.Z 44 in Berlin, live ..."

Lou 44  : "A terrible shooting took place in front of the cinemas here in this great street in Berlin. 5 people died and 6 were seriously affected "

Lou 44  : "Witnesses of the scene speak of a person heavily armed with automatic rifles Kalashnikov. "

Lou 44  : "We do not know if it is the work of an unbalanced or an attack .... "

Lou 44  : "As soon as we have more information we will keep you informed ..."

Inspector Hans Pohl of Criminal police Berlin  : "Well, find me vidéosurveillances !!! Quick !!! It is necessary that we find clues to whoever shot these people !!! "

Street Cinemas, Berlin, 2:34 p.m.
Katerin Fitzer, assistant Hans Pohl  : "We have a dozen cameras who took the assailant was masked. He fled in a green car ... The Bonn GSG9 arrives in less than an hour .... "

Policeman  : "Inspector, Inspector. He started in a supermarket in the Berlin suburb .... Police arrived at the same time .... It is entrenched in the large area .... "


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