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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 2 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit 
Episode 2 - Demonstration -


Part 2: Intervention

Ministry of Interior, Berlin, 9:32 am

Oskar FINDER, CEO of GSG9  "Demonstrators with women, children and elderly people just arrived from every street. They are very numerous. Our reinforcements arrive because we have only thirty riot police .... "

Oskar FINDER : "Let your men protect the French minister and his delegation. Nobody approaching. Contact the Captain Oda FRIEDRICH which is outside. I'll keep you posted on my side !!! "

Jürgen ADENOER  "Captain FRIEDRICH, where are you? "

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "I stand by the entrances and exits of department by a cordon of police ... Normally riot reinforcements arrive ..."

Rudolf KORD  "Here riot Force 31, we arrive by the north entrance"

Rudolf KORD  "But there demonstrators who walk slowly before our convoy ..."

Rudolf KORD  : "That's it. We have arrived

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "Captain Friedrich, responsible for security around the ministry. What ways have you brought? "

Rudolf KORD  "120 men, water cannon truck, an anti dam and 2 armored police vans for events ...."

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "We will release to repel protesters on the sidewalks ..."

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "We will use your men to clear the avenue ..."

Oda FRIEDRICH : "Prepare your agents to advance !!! "

Speaker  : "HERE POLICE. WE GO !!! FORWARD ... "

The crowd  : "NO TO NUCLEAR ... NO TO NUCLEAR ....".

Jürgen ADENOER  "They are cooperating ..."

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "Indeed. Having put the water cannon had to make them think ... "

Oda FRIEDRICH  , "Here. The avenue is free. Now we can do from the delegation ... "

The crowd : "NO TO NUCLEAR ... NO TO NUCLEAR ...."

Jürgen ADENOER  : "As long as they are quiet. Enjoy in ... "

Hagen FUCHS  "Now the cops have released the street, the French will leave ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  "Here ADENOER, the avenue was held. Protesters are quiet ... "

Jürgen ADENOER  "We'll be able to do from the delegation ..."

Oskar FINDER : "Very well. I authorize the delegation to leave !!! Regain the main entrance to escort the French Minister !!! "

Jürgen ADENOER  "Sir, you can go ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  : "I'm in the lead car. We move .. "

The crowd : "NO TO NUCLEAR ... NO TO NUCLEAR ...."

Jürgen ADENOER  "Direct to airport !!! "

Hagen FUCHS  : "It's good they are at our level ...."

Hagen FUCHS  "FORWARD !!! "


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