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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 2 : March - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit
Episode 2 - Demonstration -

 Part 1: Tour

Monday, 9:46 a.m, Berlin, the German Ministry of Interior,

Oskar FINDER, CEO of GSG9  : "  We will receive the Minister of Industry and the French Environment sign an agreement in two days on the reprocessing of German radioactive waste. "

Oskar FINDER : "The subject is difficult because we will carry waste to the German radioactive waste reprocessing plant in France. We had such information that German environmentalists could intervene against such movements .... "

Oskar FINDER : "The GSG9 will have the responsibility to protect the delegation of the French minister during his visit. We decided it would sign here at the Ministry of Interior, the MoU for more security ... Anti-riot units will close in case .... Questions

Jürgen ADENOER  : "You expect individual factions?"

Oskar FINDER : "Yes. One of them is very secure and we could do a bang. It is called the LOG, the Liberators of Gaia, violent eco-terrorists. "

Oskar FINDER : "Their leader is FUCHS Hagen, the man in the middle of this picture. If we have additional information about what they could do, I would be providing you the "

Wednesday, 8:22 am, Berlin, Ministry of Interior

Oskar FINDER : "Here Oda FRIEDRICH, commander of the law enforcement units. All is well? "

Oda FRIEDRICH  : "With the information we had about fifty protesters, thirty agents present here will be sufficient. But we Squadron 31 which is ready to intervene in case the protesters would be more ... "

Oskar FINDER : "Perfect ..."

Oskar FINDER : "Your men are in place? "

Jürgen ADENOER  "Yes. My men await the arrival of the delegation at the airport. "

Jürgen ADENOER  : "As the GSG9 snipers on the roofs ..."

Oskar FINDER : "Perfect. I returned to the control room ... "

8:53 a.m, Command Post of the Ministry of the Interior

Oskar FINDER : "All units ... The delegation arrives ..."


Jürgen ADENOER  : "The car of the French Minister arrives at the entrance ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  : "I open the door of his car ..."

Franz Hahn, Chief of Protocol  : "Hello Mr Minister. Welcome to Berlin. Follow me

Paul Durand, French Minister for Industry and the Environment  "Thank you. I follow you

Oskar FINDER : "Perfect. They will stay one hour in the building ... Stay your posts !!! "

Operator  : "Sir, we have a suspicious activity at bus stops outside the ministry ..."

Oskar FINDER : "Put on the big screen !!! "

Operator  : "There are many more people who go down than usual"

Operator  : "Look! On the other side, too ... "

Operator  : "And there, many pedestrians reach the adjacent streets ..."

Oskar FINDER : "Call the city transport. They turn their buses immediately cities within 2 kilometers from this ministry and subways that should not stop at stations close by ... "

Oskar FINDER : "Deploy the riot police and call the Squadron 31 reinforcements !!! "

Conference Room of the Ministry

Paul Durand, French Minister for Industry and the environment  : "Thanks for the information. Let the signature ... "

Headset Jürgen ADENOER  "Here Oskar FINDER. We're having a little problem ... Join me at PC Security "


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