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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Part 5

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit -Episode 3 - AMOK -

Part 5: Fighting violent 

Summary of the previous game: The GSG9 began the assault. It freed people who were hiding and waiting for rescue. The shooter, meanwhile, has taken refuge in a shop ... More is immediately ...

3:58 p.m., Shopping Centre, West Berlin suburb

Lou 44  : "Here Lou 44 TV.Z. We still live and we are witnessing the assault by police to dislodge the madman who, I remind you, to shoot this morning in a street of the Berlin city center killing several bystanders, and now is entrenched in a shopping center. "

Lou 44  : "It will now do 10 minutes as special forces entered the shopping center"

Lou 44  : "We have heard many shots and an explosion and saw smoke coming"

Jürgen ADENOER  : "Situation? "

Chief of Bravo Unit  ". Here Bravo   We had to touch him.  He took refuge in the eyeglass store that is located right next to the entrance ... 2 ... and pulls at times in our direction ... "

Chief of Charlie Unit  : "We are still at the entrance number 2. I have a minor injury. We blocked the doors of the airlock ... What do we do? "

Jürgen ADENOER  "We'll use the stun bombs and blinding ... Bravo frontal attack. Charlie support. Once you have an opportunity, shoot !!! Received? "

Chef de Bravo  , "Yes well received ..."

Chief Charlie  : "We are ready ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  "Ready ??? TOP ACTION !!! "

Hans KUTTER  "HAAAA, I see nothing ..."

A sniper  : "I see ..."

Lou 44  : "Here Lou 44. A terrible shooting just took place ... There is no sound now .."

Lou 44  : "We see police out ..."

Lou 44  : "Rescuers go out to them ..."

44 Lou  , "and go ..."

Lou 44  " I confirm. The authorities recently we announce: The terrorist was killed. 2 policemen wounded. Germany has just suffered as a terrorist attack in France of a new kind. The number of people killed is now 15 persons. The number of injured stood at 30 injured, eight serious. To you the studios ... "

HAGEN FUCHS  : "This is what we must do to make an impression on our actions: Eco-publicized and violent war !!! "

End of episode 4

Additional information on the phenomenon AMOK:

Figaro 12/23/14

Internships "Amok" form the French police in the management of isolated killers

2 German policemen during a training AMOK

Currents in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the "Amok" courses from the United States and Quebec. Police officers learn with dummy weapons to master "by all possible means" an individual whose characteristic is to make "maximum casualties in the shortest time."

In Malay amok means "uncontrollable rage." By extension, the term now refers to a murderer and individual behavior. Access violence is sudden, "amok" making a greater or lesser number of victims. And it only ends with death (voluntary or not) of the murderer.

Belgian police officers during a training AMOK

For two years in France, police officers undergo training called "Amok" to learn how to manage killers like the Columbine school (12 dead in 1999), Virginia Tech (32 dead in 2007) in the US, the Dendermonde nursery in Belgium (3 dead in 2009) or the killings perpetrated in Norway (77 dead in 2011). It's about learning to unlearn. "To learn something else," a police nuance.

The voice of the North 30/09/14

RAID is organized to fight against time and terrorists

Needless to say that Mohamed Merah affair was experienced as a shock to the RAID (Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence), the elite intervention unit (they hate that word) of the National Police. The RETEX (experience feedback) have been deeply analyzed and commented.
In his den of Bièvres (photo La Voix du Nord) , a former seminary south of the Paris region (adjacent to the BA 107 Villacoublay), RAID prepares tirelessly monitors the changing threats and terrorism are reorganizes. To be ready. " We do not ask if it will happen but when. "

There was Merah, an endless iron-arm 56 hours in March 2012, a political and media business, where time played against RAID and police who had surrounded the little flat in the street Sergeant-Vigne.
The analysis results in a remarkable questioning, while the words of Mohamed Merah resound in the staff of RAID meeting room: " I am not afraid of death, did you? " " We have not an example of a radicalized individual who has made himself , "said one officer.
" This is not an uneducated, not an ignorant. It is very cold, very methodical. We realized that he knew our ways to intervene, we described in Bièvres. The Merah case has allowed us to reflect on another technicality. " We will say no more. RAID prepares for next time. However, an obvious conclusion: "   It exchanges, it could tweeter, he staged his act is working for the time do not play against us.. "

"A challenge for the emergency services"

To the Comptroller General Jean-Michel Fauvergue, head of RAID and FNIF (Intervention Force of the national police, photo La Voix du Nord ), " the threats are protean, indoor and outdoor, in a very exceptional period " . Returns Syria, Iraq, Libya may one day offer a disturbing panorama: "   These people will live special things and can import individual expertise is a challenge for the emergency services. here and the military overseas. We work also with the COS (Special Operations Command) to discuss the procedures that we could find here. "
RAID and 185 officials (130 field operators in four assault groups, including a warning and a reinforcement) does indeed work not alone in their corner. Mumbai mass murders in India in 2008 caused a realization: " How to deal with such an event is organized How?  "

Preset and RAID Antennas

The FNIF (National Police Intervention Force created in 2009) group intervention forces that have merged in November 2013: RAID, plus the seven metropolitan IFNU (twenty most versatile officials in Lille, Rennes, Strasbourg , Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice), which will soon officially RAID Antennas (recruitment and training are the same, the equipment is fully interoperable). In the event of a major crisis, we could add the BRIPP (Research and Intervention Brigade of the Prefecture of Paris) and even the gendarmes of the GIGN. Now, " all missions depart from Bièvres "and the staff on alert 24 hours 24.

" Our first strength is prepositioning. With this RAID Antennas mesh, we are everywhere in France in less than two hours in a crisis , "comments the boss. At least for " the first shock, to fix the adversary . "
In 2013, the FNIF intervened 14 taken hostage, 63 and 398 frantic arrests in a closed environment. " No one wounded, not a shot  , "says one. "  Yet people are totally uninhibited with respect to violence and death. The counters explode for intervention on dangerous criminals (fourfold for RAID between 2012 and 2013). "

The danger for the primary speaker

RAID, we also think that the police call the primary speaker, the patrol field officer who falls first on this individual radicalized dangerous. Internships "amok" 15-day response patrol trying to reintroduce hardiness among officials " For face disinhibition, the police are completely inhibited by the use of the firearm. One thinks of the consequences, a possible investigation, examination setting. Nobody knows more open fire to secure the terrorist. This is a major problem " , a grimace RAID officer who essentially take place much later. But time benefits the terrorist.

The evolution of terrorism in the twenty-first century
This is taken from a presentation of RAID where one qualifies four categories terrorist threats. Informative. Look carefully at the dates ...

 "The attacks"

2001 US Attack of September 11 in New York (2292 dead)
2004: Spain, bombings on commuter trains in Madrid (200 dead, 1400 injured)
2005: UK, attacks in the metro and London bus (56 dead, 700 injured) "

"Taking of hostages"

2002: Russia, Dubrovka theater in Moscow (129 dead)
2004: Russia, North Ossetia, Beslan school (344 dead, including 189 children)
2013: Algeria, In Amenas gas complex (67 dead, including 38 hostages) "

 "Mass murder"

2008: India, simultaneous attack at the station and in hotels in Mumbai (80 killed, over 250 injured)
2011: Norway, Anders Breivik extremist attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoya (93 dead)
2013: Kenya; attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi (68 dead, 175 injured)
2014: China, Xinjang Province, attack Kunming railway station (29 dead and 130 injured) "

"The fanatics radicalized (Syrian dies, Iraq, etc.)"

2012: France, terrorist attacks Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Montauban (7 deaths)
2013: UK, knife murder of a British soldier in the suburbs of London
2013: France, knife attack of a French military patrol in Vigipirate Defense in Paris (injured)
2014: Canada, attacks on two soldiers in front of a memorial and the gunman headed parliament Ottawa (1 + the terrorist dead soldier)
2014: Belgium, attack the Jewish Museum in Brussels by Mehdi Nemmouche back from Syria (4 deaths)
2015: France, Paris bombings on Charlie Hebdo and a shopping center (17 dead terrorists + 3)
2015: France, 3 military attacked with a knife in Nice before a building housing Jewish antenna (2 lightly wounded military) "

Video on training of the Belgian Police

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