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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Part 4

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2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit -Episode 3 - AMOK -

Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

Part 4: Assault 

Summary of the previous game: The police is set up for the assault because she thinks she is dealing with a "AMOK". (Name given to a gunman whose aim is to cause maximum casualties in the shortest time)

3:53 p.m., Shopping Centre, West Berlin suburb

Jürgen ADENOER  : "Warning, all units, position report !!! "

Chief of Alpha  "Here Alpha, near to enter through the emergency exit 1 ..."

Chief of Bravo  : "Here Bravo, near to enter through entrance number 1 ..."

Chief of Charlie  : "Here Charlie, near to enter through entrance number 2 ..."

Chief of Delta  "Here Delta, near to enter through the back of the large area ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  : "OK, it is now close to the entrance number 2. Charlie, you may be facing him. Bravo, you prevent it from back to you !!! "


Lou 44  : "Here Lou TV.Z 44, we are now seeing police entering the shopping center"

Lou 44  : "They go through all entries ..."

Chief of Charlie  : "We progresses. We do not see it .... "

Jürgen ADENOER  : "It is in the central corridor on your left ..."



Chief of Alpha  "Alpha Here, we just find people who had taken refuge in the pharmacy. "

Jürgen ADENOER  "OK. Take them out !!! "

Meanwhile, at the entrance number 2
Lou 44  : "An explosion has just taken place at one of the entrances. "

Lou 44  : "We see the police came out again ..."

Lou 44  : "Other men GSG9 arrive in support of their colleagues .... Looks like this is the confusion .... "

Meanwhile, the Command Post of GSG9
Jürgen ADENOER  : "Situation? "

Chief of Charlie  : "Charlie Here, we launched a blinding bomb. It is located in the central corridor "

Chief of Charlie  : "He shoots at us .... "

Jürgen ADENOER  : "OK, it's well received. Bravo, converge toward the hallway where the optician is. It is important not he runs away !!! "

Chief of Bravo  : "OK ... Delta has just joined us ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  "Delta exfiltrez people you will find hidden in stores !!! "

Chief of Delta  : "OK ..."

Jürgen ADENOER  "Bravo, if you're in position, we'll try it enters a shopping ..."

Chief of Bravo  : "OK, we'll go ..."

Chief of Bravo  : "Warning, guys, frontal attack !!! "

Hans KUTTER  : "You will never me !!! "

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