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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Part 2

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2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit -Episode 3 - AMOK -


Part 2: Trapped 

Summary of the previous section: 1 man fired into the crowd in front of a cinema. The police arrived and began their investigation when informed that the individual would again outside a shopping center. Subsequently, it is now ...

Half an hour earlier, 2:05 p.m., West Berlin suburb

A mom: "Children, cling to the carriage !!! "

Hans kuller  : "Here we go again !!! "

Vinzenz SHUMIZ  "at this time, there must be a lot of people ..."

Vinzenz SHUMIZ  : "Here, it will be perfect !!! "

Hans kuller  "Allah Akbar !!!! "

Hans kuller  : "COPS !!!"

Policeman  : "LOOSE YOUR GUN !!!! "

Policeman: "Aaaaah ..."

Hans KUTTER  "Another police car .... "

Hans KUTTER  "Vinzenz .... VINZENZ !!!! He fled !!! "

Hans KUTTER  : "Quick, I must go in this store !!! "

3:09 p.m., Central commercial, West Berlin suburb

Lou 44  : "Here Lou 44 TV Z. We live in Berlin, where presumably a hooded assailant opened fire on people who were shopping in the supermarket .... "

Lou 44  : "Strong suspicions are borne on the fact that this is the same individual who drew the Cinema district, there are now two hours .... "

Lou 44  : "Many rescuers are there. Raising fears many injured in this mall ... "

Oskar FINDER, CEO of GSG9 "Where are we? "

Inspector Hans Pohl of Criminal police Berlin  : "7 victims are being removed at the entrance of this large area. One of the police officers who arrived first also succumbed to his injuries. The shooter fled the mall which is circled. "

Katerin Fitzer "Here is the GSG9 happens !!! "

Oskar FINDER, CEO of GSG9 : "Finally. I will join them for a briefing last minute !!! "

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