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GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

2nd Season

GSG9 Special Unit -Episode 3 - AMOK -

Part 3: Preparation 


Summary of the previous section  , "1 he fired on the crowd, first in front of a cinema, then in front of a shopping center. However, he took refuge in the police arrived because .... The suite is now ...

3:22 p.m., Shopping Centre, West Berlin suburb

Oskar FINDER, CEO of GSG9 : "I present Andreas VUNGER, representing the Ministry of Interior. Here are our latest information. "

Oskar FINDER : "The video surveillance cameras in the city center have shown us one gray hooded man who fired blindly on the front of a movie theater killing 5 people and wounding six seriously."

Oskar FINDER : "He escaped aboard a Peugeot 306 Green ... It definitely has an accomplice driving up passenger side since .."

Oskar FINDER:  "Here it is the same process Look at these pictures of the surveillance society that remotely monitors the mall ... It draws no distinction ... 6 dead.."

Oskar FINDER: "We find the same car as before the cinema. Certainly the same author. But he left without the shooter ... She is being sought. "

Oskar FINDER  "Also we can see that it is heavily armed. It has two Kalashnikovs and certainly under his heavy coat, many shippers.  People who fled heard the man scream "Allah Akbar". We can expect an Islamist attack ... "

Jürgen ADENOER  : "OK, we have the plans of this large area? "

Oskar FINDER : "Yes, we will put them on the van of GSG9 ..."

Oskar FINDER : "We'll have to storm for this man is definitely a" AMOK ". We have not heard other shots since we arrived. "

Andreas VUNGER  "AMOK? "

Oskar FINDER : "We have to face a situation" AMOK ": a mass murderer. Our officers will face one gunman whose aim is to cause maximum casualties in the shortest time. We'll have to shoot to kill ... certainly. We will do our best to neutralize it !!! "

Oskar FINDER : "The first teams neutralized the external video surveillance cameras. In case it would be in the CCP safety of this large area. "

Oskar FINDER : "The first teams were close to SEK victims near the entrance doors of the shopping center"

Oskar FINDER : "But five people died ... What makes us 11 victims with the police officer who was shot when he spoke first."

Oskar FINDER : "By cons, we connected on the mall surveillance video. There are also several victims in the gallery. "

Oskar FINDER : "We see him look for other potential victims for over an hour. It therefore did not commit suicide. It certainly expect that we storms to die a martyr ... "

Oskar FINDER : "The director of the supermarket said that all employees of the shopping center are trained in case of attack by such individuals. They received training "Running   Hiding   Fight "(see the methods of this training below)

Jürgen ADENOER  "OK. We will not waste a minute. Since we are dealing with a AMOK, we'll get to try to save people who are hidden and eliminate? We will deploy our men in girth. I called section heads ... "

Ingrid Grug: "  Hello, I'm Ingrid Grug for TV.Z and we remind you our special flash. One man fired into the crowd in Berlin ... "

Ingrid Grug: "First before a cinema"

Ingrid Grug: "Then in front of a shopping center. It is currently surrounded by police "

Ingrid Grug: "I get my guest Ernst KOF specialist terrorist attack.   Witnesses said the mall, the man proclaimed it "Allah Akbar" According to you, sir KOF, what can you tell us about this act ... "

Ernst KOF  : "We are facing a new type of attack. Here since the early 2000s different versions of terrorist attacks "

Ernst KOF  "attacks:
2001 US Attack of September 11 in New York (2292 dead)
2004: Spain, bombings on commuter trains in Madrid (200 dead, 1400 injured)
2005: UK, attacks in the metro and London bus (56 dead, 700 injured) "

 Ernst KOF  : "Hostage-taking:
2002: Russia, Dubrovka theater in Moscow (129 dead)
2004: Russia, North Ossetia, Beslan school (344 dead, including 189 children)
2013: Algeria, In Amenas gas complex (67 dead, including 38 hostages) "

Ernst KOF  : "The mass murder:
2008: India, simultaneous attack at the station and in hotels in Mumbai (80 killed, over 250 injured)
2011: Norway, Anders Breivik extremist attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utoya (93 dead)
2013: Kenya; attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi (68 dead, 175 injured)
2014: China, Xinjang Province, attack Kunming railway station (29 dead and 130 injured) "

Ernst KOF  : "The fanatics radicalized (Syrian dies, Iraq, Yemen, etc):
2012: France, terrorist attacks Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Montauban (7 deaths)
2013: UK, knife murder of a British soldier in the suburbs of London
2013:  France, knife attack of a French military patrol in Vigipirate Defense in Paris (injured)
2014: Canada, attacks on two soldiers in front of a memorial and the gunman headed parliament Ottawa (1 + the terrorist dead soldier)
2014: Belgium, attack the Jewish Museum in Brussels by Mehdi Nemmouche back from Syria (4 deaths)
2015: France, Paris bombings on Charlie Hebdo and a shopping center (17 dead terrorists + 3)
2015: France, 3 military attacked with a knife in Nice before a building housing Jewish antenna (2 lightly wounded military) "

Ernst KOF  : "You can see the progression over time of such attacks made with either singles or in small highly mobile groups .."

 Ingrid Grug: "Excuse me Mr. KOF, there are the new mall. Lou 44, you hear me? "

Lou 44  , "Yes, very well Ingrid. We are always in direct commercial center. We are witnessing the force deployment of German police. "

Lou 44  "commandos are in the process of identifying all the outputs of this big box"

Lou 44  : "Vehicles are about to close. Are they going to storm? We will follow it live ... "

Here is the training done in an American State, Alabama, to educate people face this kind of attack in hopes of limiting the number of victims in shootings.

You can find this awareness video in English with subtitles in French:

How a shoot out alive

Running - Hiding - Fighting
RUN> HIDE> Figth

If there is an exit attempt to evacuate
Flee, that others agree or not
Leave your things behind you
Help others to flee if possible
Prevent others from entering the area.

To hide:
Lock and / or lock the door
Put your cell phone on 'silent'
Hide behind large objects
Stay calm
Your cache should:
Being out of sight of the shooter
Able to protect you if he shoots at you
Do not block or prevent you from moving

Try to neutralize the shooter
Get involved physically in action
Improvise weapons
Act with great determination


When the police arrive:
Remain calm and follow the instructions
Always keep your hands visible
Do not report them and do not call
Know that help is controlled medicalized


Your actions can make a difference for your safety and survival.
Be vigilant and prepared.

In detail:
And if you had to face the onslaught of an armed man, there are 3 key words you need to remember to survive: Run, hide, fight ...

Dangerous people commit violent acts. Their motivations are many. Warning signs may vary .... But the devastating effects are the same and you need to be prepared for the worst ...

If you were to survive the onslaught of an armed man, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan of action.
The plan need not be complicated.
There are 3 things you could implement that would make the difference:

Running -   Hiding -  Fighting

Most important: if you can not escape it, do something: Always try to run even when others insist on staying. Encourage them to follow you, but do not let slow to make a decision.

Remember what's important: YOU , not your belongings.

Leave your belongings on site and trying to flee to safety.
Try out the perimeter of the assault should be your number 1 priority.

Once you are outside the scope of the attack, try to warn others of the danger, and dial the emergency number.

If you can not escape you safe, you will need to find a place to hide.

Act quickly and calmly.
Try to protect your stash as best you can. Turn off the lights and if possible, lock the doors.

Put your phone on 'silent'
And if you can not find a secure room, trying to hide behind large objects that could protect you.

Do your best to stay calm.

As a last resort if your life is e n play, when you are alone, or in groups, FIGHT

Try to fully understand your environment.
Always have a plan to escape.

Know that when such an event, the victims are randomly assigned.

The attack is unpredictable and can happen quickly.

First aid on the spot are not there to evacuate or rescue the wounded. They are well trained and are there to neutralize the shooter.

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