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German riot control vehicles - English Version


- German riot control vehicles -

     - English Version -
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German Riot Control Truck
To deal with increasingly violent demonstrators, and to disperse them, Germany uses riot trucks to support the Bereitschaftspolizei, the German law enforcement agencies.

  Bereitschaftspolizei - The German Riot Police

German riot truck - 1980
Faced with many activists, the Germans have been equipped with this type of machine for several years.

  German riot truck during a demonstration against nuclear power -1980
This allows the demonstrators to move without contact with the
with the police.

Mercedes 2634 Wasserwerfer
Since 1985, German law enforcement agencies have used Mercedes 2634 Wasserwerfer.

Mercedes 2634 Wasserwerfer
They have been maintained to operate continuously, and have been heavily stressed.

  German demonstrators braking a convoy of radioactive material 2000s
These vehicles have proven their usefulness in many demonstrations.

Two Mercedes 2634 Wasserwerfer
But the power of their jets was no longer strong enough...

WaWe 10000 Truck
But they allowed to advance and disperse crowds, and also to act in front of garbage fires or throwing of molotov cocktails.

  German training in the use of riot trucks
Germany has therefore renewed these pump trucks in many states..

  WaWe 10000 Deutch Truck , one TM 170 SW4 and one Mercedes 2634
Some Mercedes were kept with the new blue serigraphy.

Here is their latest riot truck of WaWe brand with a value of more than
900.000 euros and of Austrian design.

German riot truck WaWe 10000
This model is also equipped with protection against molotov cocktails.

Driver's cab of the WaWe 10000
Here is the interior of this vehicle where you can see the seats of each.

Interior of the WaWe 10000
One driver, one supervisor and two operators for each water cannon.

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
In addition, emulsifiers and tear gas can be added to the spray water.

Three German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
It is equipped with 3 lances. Two at the front with a range of 65 meters and one at the rear with a range of 50 meters.

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
  It can diffuse "walls of water" behind which the police advance or also "bells of water". It can project up to 1.200 liters per lance in one minute...

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
It can also be used to extinguish fire starts.

They come in support of fire trucks...

Indeed, the risk of fires, because of the numerous forests and increasingly dry periods, requires many means to extinguish them quickly...

The high water capacity, with more than 10,000 liters, allows it to provide an important help against these risks...

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 1000 in land of Brandenburg in 2019
Here in the state of Brandenburg in 2019.

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
The shapes of the vehicle are inclined to prevent a fire from staying on the vehicle.

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
In addition to a crew of four people, riot police must be around to protect the progress against the risk of people who want to prevent the vehicle from advancing ...

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
On its sides are all the additional equipment of this truck.

German Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000 in  land of BRANDENBURG -05/2019
They can also be accompanied by horse units as shown here in BRANDENBURG during a soccer match in May 2016

Demonstration during the G20 in Hamburg in July 2017
They were used in numbers at the G20 in July 2017 in Hamburg.

Wawe 10000 parked in a hangar in Hamburg for the G20 in July 2017
Indeed, many German landers had lent for the occasion their vehicles that had been put in a hangar of the Hamburg Police.

  Wawe 10000 parked in a shed in Hamburg for the July 2017 G20.
Not knowing the number of protesters and the risk of overflow throughout the city, we can see that the German authorities had planned for a large number of Wawe 10000.

  Protest during the G20 in Hamburg from 06-07-08 July 2017.
 20,000 German police officers from all over Germany were mobilized, backed up by these riot trucks.

Demonstration during the G20 in Hamburg from 06-07-08 July 2017
During these three days, they were solicited and allowed to move forward despite the very large number of demonstrators...

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 Who was behind the violence
that took place during the G20
on July 06 - 07 and 08, 2017?

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Slonevian Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
Slovenia's law enforcement agencies have also chosen this model for policing.
 Slovanian Riot Control Truck WaWe 10000
Arriving in late 2017, this one is deployed during tense sports matches between opposing fans, riots and difficult demonstrations.

Here are some videos of these devices in action:

  Unimog of the Berlin police
The German forces have different vehicles, including this multifunctional one,

  German riot truck
as well as this type of armored vehicle allowing to break barricades.

Like here in this video above.

  German riot truck TM 170 SW4
Those also allow to intervene to evacuate occupied premises...

Like here in this video above.

Thyssen SW4 in Munich on 22/07/2016
On some, masts with very powerful lamps allow to light the night.

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Here is a demonstration of the Wawe 10000
and the Thyssen TM 170 SW4

This type of vehicle has shown in France its effectiveness and they will be renewed:

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Other countries also use riot control vehicles:

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