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How to respond to a terrorist shooting or knife attack


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Here is the training done in an American state, Alabama, to sensitize people to this kind of attack in the hope of limiting the number of victims during shootings.

You can find this awareness video in English with French subtitles:

How to get out of a shooting 
or knife attack alive




- If there is an exit, try to evacuate
- Run away, whether others agree or not
- Leave your belongings behind
- Help others to escape if possible
- Prevent others from entering the area.


- Lock and/or block the door
- Put your cell phone on silent
- Hide behind large objects
- Stay calm

Your hiding place should :
- Be out of sight of the shooter
- Be able to protect you if he shoots in your direction
- Not block you or prevent you from moving


- Try to neutralize the shooter
- Get physically involved in the action
- Improvise weapons
- Act with great determination

When law enforcement arrives :
- Stay calm and follow instructions
- Always keep your hands visible
- Do not report or call them
- Be aware that medical assistance is ordered

Your actions can make a difference to your safety and survival.
Be vigilant and prepared.

In detail:
And if you were to face an assault from a gunman, there are 3 key words you need to remember to survive: Run, hide, fight...

 Dangerous individuals commit violent acts. Their motivations are multiple. The warning signs may vary.... But the devastating effects are the same and you need to be prepared for the worst...

If you were to survive an assault by a gunman, your survival may depend on whether you have a plan of action.
The plan doesn't have to be complicated.
There are 3 things you could implement that would make a difference:


Most importantly if you can't escape, do something about it: always try to run away even when others insist on staying. Encourage them to follow you, but never let them slow you down to make a decision.

Remember what is important:
 YOU, not your items.

Leave your belongings behind and try to escape to safety.
Trying to get out of the area of the assault should be your number one priority.

Once you are outside the perimeter of the attack, try to warn others of the danger, and call the emergency number.

If you cannot escape to safety, you will need to find a place to hide.

Act quickly and calmly.
Try to protect your hiding place as best you can. Turn off the lights and if possible, lock the doors.

Put your cell phone on "silent".
And if you can't find a safe room, try to hide behind large objects that might protect you.

Do your best to stay calm.

As a last resort if your life is at stake, when you are alone, or in a group, FIGHT

Try to get a good feel for your surroundings.
Always have a plan of action to escape.

Be aware that in such an event, the victims are designated at random.

The assault is unpredictable, and can happen quickly.

The first responders on the scene are not there to evacuate or rescue injured people. They are well trained and are there to neutralize the shooter.

  Exercise "Strong Tower" in London on 30/07/2015
Three European countries have put in place emergency measures
to evacuate and rescue the injured during this type of attack:

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