jeudi 20 octobre 2016

GSG9 Special Unit - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Wedding - Part 4


Any resemblance to actual persons or situations or HAVING Existed Would Be Purely coincidental

2nd Season

4th episode - WEDDING -

Continued from Part 3 

Alpha  : "A hostage in the hallway ... We exfiltrate !!! "


Alpha  : "Here Alpha, secure home !! "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "The progression has been rapid. Your men with advanced security .... "

Jürgen Adenauer  : "We will repeat the exercise, but this time around, it's your men who return with a tactical shield ..."

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "OK, we'll prepare ..."

Policeman  : "Inspector, a call for you !!! "

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "Yes? How? Where ? Well, it happens ... Come with your team: we have a hostage situation in a Munich suburbs "

During that time, the house of Otto von kuppel ...

Otto VON kuppel, the father of the bride  , "What do you want ??? "

Man in gray  " We just want your money and that of your friends ... "

Man in gray  , "And for that you and your friends are going to transfer money from my accounts in an offshore account in the Netherlands Antilles ..."

Otto VON kuppel, the father of the bride  : "Never .... "

Man in gray  , "But if you'll see, you'll collaborate, if your son could be alone tonight ... You will be the first to make a transfer of 10 million euros on this secure computer account transfer! !! My assistant is ready to make the deal .... "

20 minutes later

Hans Braun, head of SEK MUNICH  : "We will go here. It is the meeting point ... "

Eva Hann  : "Hi, I'm Eva Hann, Hauptkommissar of Kriminalpolizei. I asked what your GSG9 team accompanies our unit SEK ... "

Eva Hann  : "Here are the facts: There are now 40 minutes, a server called the police to report that a hostage was taking place right now in the ownership of Otto von kuppel, the 10th German fortune. This man has made many business in the petrochemical industry ... He married his only daughter today ... "

Eva Hann  : "According to the same server that handles the festival, there would be four hijackers who arrived by the lake by boat and no victim this time. He hung up, certainly retained by these individuals ... We have identified the entire area and evacuated the occupants quietly living around the property by plainclothes police ... "

Eva Hann  : "We sent two men in the car, to identify it and nothing suspicious, but no noise either party ... A man just behind the gate ..."

Eva Hann  : "Even our observers garden side sees no activity ..." 

Eva Hann  : "They had to all go in the house ..."

Jürgen Adenauer  : "Very well. We'll help you ... "

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