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LAPD SWAT - English Version

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The SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) can be considered as one of the very first specialized intervention units. In the late 1960s, in the US, individuals were shooting at civilians and law enforcement with automatic weapons.
First intervention of the LAPD SWAT on 08/12/1969
The first intervention of this SWAT was on December 08, 1969, during the arrest of members of the Black Panthers in their headquarters of Los Angeles in Watts, where during five hours, heavy fire took place against the police officers. 350 police officers were mobilized in addition to the SWAT team.

Los Angeles is also concerned by many cases of this kind. A small unit of 15 police officers was created, also equipped with automatic weapons and equipment to intervene in all kinds of buildings. They were divided into small teams. Their interventions show the interest of specializing these men in all kinds of complex situations.

Find on this link, the beginning of the creation of the SWAT

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Today's LAPD SWAT team is composed of approximately 100 men who are highly trained in precision shooting and hand-to-hand combat.

They intervene in all sorts of dangerous situations such as the arrest of fugitives or entrenched persons, hostage rescue, escorting dangerous detainees, or protecting sports or institutional events such as the visit of political figures to Los Angeles.

SWAT has hostage negotiators and teams are available 24 hours a day for rapid response throughout Los Angeles.

It also intervenes in prison riots to restore order, intervene on people who try to commit suicide and carry out anti-terrorist operations...

It is equipped with armored vehicles that allow it to
to get close to entrenched terrorists.

The American intervention forces also have this kind of vehicles as you can discover them on this link:
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The SWAT LAPD shows that this type of intervention group is confined to urban interventions and in closed environments imposing rigor and professionalism...

It also has at its disposal all kinds of vehicles to support it in its missions:

Like the truck for the negotiators and the equipment to penetrate a building

The Bomb Squad unit

and this vehicle to lift suspicious vehicles to search for bombs

The Bearcat of the LAPD Bomb Squad

or punching through walls.

LAPD SWAT also does these types of exercises:

Here are 3 videos of the LAPD SWAT

In 1975, a series of the same name: S.W.A.T is launched and tells the adventures
of 5 LAPD SWAT officers

Police Officer in 1/6 of the SWAT LAPD



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