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MSRT - English Version

- MSRT -
US Coast Guard's Maritime Security Response Team

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MSRT Crest
The United States has, within its Coast Guard (US Coast Guard's), maritime security response teams: The MSRT for "Maritime Security Response Team".

Members of the MSRT
They are tactical units specialized in maritime anti-terrorism raids and intervention on high-risk vessels carrying illegal materials, such as drugs or products prohibited on American territory or human trafficking.

MSRT training on a boat with a US Coast Guard's helicopter rappelling
These MSRT agents are trained to board and secure ships as well as to intervene on oil platforms off the US coast...

Arrest during MSRT training in October 2015
They are also trained in anti-terrorism with hostage taking,

Arrest of pirates by the US Navy of pirates
against piracy,

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MSRT members in progress during MSRT training in October 2015.
These MSRT units are made up of different elements:
The "Direct Action Section"
The DAS is an assault element tasked with protecting and securing a maritime objective.

MSRT zodiac approach
They are trained in close combat and boarding techniques, both moving and stationary.

MSRT training on a boat with helicopter drop
The MSRTs are trained on a boat with a helicopter drop, using various means such as small boats or helicopters.

Several MSRT members during MSRT training in October 2015.
DAS operators have tactical equipment and weapons of the type carried by U.S. police SWAT teams.

MSRT member during MSRT training in October 2015.
  The Precision Marksmen Observer Team 
This is a pairing of an observer and a precision marksman.
 The PMOT monitors the operations of the MSRT DAS.
PMOTs can set up on land, by boat or even shoot from helicopters.

MSRT training in October 2015
Le Tactical Delivery Team 
(TDT )
This is the team that leads the tactical assault by boat.
They use rigid-hulled inflatable boats to transport MSRT DAS teams to their targets.

Approach of a TDT team with DSTs during MSRT training in October 2015.
TDTs are trained in techniques to get as close as possible to suspect vessels, including stealth approach...

Searching for suspicious products by an MSRT canine team.

CBRNE Sections
Specialized in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosives (CBRNE or in French NRBCE), their role is to fight CBRNE terrorist threats in the maritime domain.

MSRT training in October 2015
They conduct regular training to perfect their boarding and marine response techniques.

French Gendarmerie PSMP Patrol
In France, the French Gendarmerie has units called "PSMP Espadon" which are located in ports, but can also intervene in specific situations of intervention at sea.

Boarding of PSMP and a Coastal Surveillance Brigade on a fishing boat in 2016 during the MAKO operation in French Guiana against illegal fishing.
As for example here, on the coast of Guyana, against illegal fishing.

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Commando Marine during training on a ship.
There are also marine commando units depending on the French Navy, which can be used in this type of assault, to control ships in French Guiana, the French West Indies, French Polynesia, the waters of Reunion Island or New Caledonia.

Here are some videos of MSRT intervention:


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