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 American President's Chevrolet Suburban
It can happen that the American President or his Vice President travels in armored CHEVROLET SUBURBAN rather than in CADILLAC ONE or TWO

 Indeed, depending on the availability of CADILLAC ONEs or the places of visit where armored vehicles are sometimes already parked, the US President and his Vice President travel on board CHEVROLET SUBURBANs, as here on this picture in VIETNAM during a visit of the US President.
Higher than the CADILLAC ONE, the CHEVROLET SUBURBAN are more accessible than a limousine. On this picture, we can see the former American President Donald TRUMP coming out of a hospital after a hospitalization in 2020.

They are used during unofficial trips as here with the former American President OBAMA during a vacation in HAWAÏ during his mandate. One can see that it is an unofficial displacement of the fact that the American pennant and of the Presidency are not put on his CHEVROLET SUBURBAN.
They are used since several years as here a CHEVROLET SUBURBAN of 2006 at the time of a displacement of the Former President George W. BUSH Junior.

The American Vice President also uses armored CHEVROLET SUBURBAN as here in 2015, with the arrival in LONDON, of the Vice President of the time, a certain Joe BIDEN who will become President of the USA in 2021.

Here he is, on March 27, 2013, leaving a summit in SINGAPORE.

In this photo, we see the arrival of the new American Vice President Kamala HARRIS, during the inauguration of the new President in WASHINGTON on January 21, 2021.

Vice President Kamala HARRIS' trip to Vietnam in August 2021
She also travels with CHEVROLET SUBURBAN as here during an official visit to VIETNAM in August 2021.

Travel of Vice President Kamala HARRIS in Vietnam in August 2021
Here too, the escorts are important to protect her and moving with two identical vehicles to deceive terrorists in case of attack...

Vice President Kamala HARRIS' trip to Vietnam in August 2021
Here is a side view of this vehicle.

Vice President Kamala HARRIS' trip to Vietnam in August 2021
Note that a retractable step comes out when they get off because of the height of the vehicle...

On this photo taken on the video to follow, we can distinguish two new CHEVROLET SUBURBAN for the American Vice President at the time of its arrival at the military airport of ANDREWS in March 2021.
We can see that the cabin was raised.
Video of these two CHEVROLET SUBURBAN
of the American Vice President 

Chevrolet Suburban of the Vice President Kamala HARRIS in May 2021
Here's one taken in an escort car in May 2021, during a trip by Vice President Kamala HARRIS, to RHODE ISLAND.

Chevrolet Suburban escorting OBAMA's Ground Force One in August 2011
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN are also used as escort vehicles for CADILLAC "ONE" and "TWO".

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