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Cash and valuables transportation in North America - English Version


Cash and valuables transportation
in North America

  - English Version -

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Restored vehicle of the LOOMIS Armoured Inc Service
The USA and Canada developed very early the cash transportation by creating motorized armored vans at the very beginning of the century.



Old logo of the WELLS FARGO

In the past, gold and silver were transported in trunks on the roof of stagecoaches. The WELLS FARGO will be one of the first actors of transport of values in addition to the travelers.


BRINKS armored car Mid 1910s

It is the BRINKS company which will be precursor in the field by conceiving as of 1904 its first vehicle with explosion model "KNOX". This company will first develop on the American East Coast..

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Presentation of BELLAMORE Armored Car & Equipment Company

Carbuilders will offer closed models but with unprotected driver's compartment.


BRINS van in the late 1910s.

In 1917, four heavily armed men killed a guard who was leaving the car with money. The following year, 1918, BRINKS designed a fully enclosed vehicle.


LOOMIS Armored Inc van in 1925

Another actor was born in 1925, with Lee LOOMIS who created an armored car service to transport valuables: the "LOOMIS Armored Inc".

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Armored car of the LOOMIS Armored Car Service in 1938

It will first develop in the American West before arriving on the lands of the BRINKS...


American federal van in the early 1910s

Other companies and public organizations at the same time will also have their armored vehicles.


Van of the "United States Trucking Corp Armored Car Dept" of New York

To deliver branches and independent banks, these vehicles will be perfected over the years.



In 1927, BRINKS will expand in Canada by opening its first foreign office in MONTREAL.


LOOMIS Armored Inc. truck in the 1960's

The " LOOMIS Armored Inc " will also expand more and more in North America.


Truck of the Wells Fargo Armoured Service Corporation in the 50's

Other actors like the Wells Fargo Armoured Service Corporation, will develop. It is a different entity from the "Wells Fargo" group that deals with banking activities. Indeed, it is a former employee of "Wells Fargo", Elmer Ray JONES, who will develop this entity based on the transport of funds from 1905 until the 60's in the East and the South of the USA.


Employees of MERCER & DUNBAR in Connecticut in 1939

Another suitor arrives in 1923, George W DUNBAR and founds MERCER & DUNBAR Inc Armored Car

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DUNBAR Armored Car

The name would change years later to DUNBAR Armored with its armored trucks with a black and red livery.

Voiture blindée de la BRINKS dans les années 40

Armored car of the BRINKS in the 40s LOOMIS, BRINKS and DUNBAR Armored will fight a war to be the leader of the market.


TURNER SHIVER Corp armored van

But there are a multitude of small cash-in-transit companies that have already established themselves.


 SECURICOR armored truck

Large foreign groups will also try to break into the American market in the 1960s. SECURICOR, a group born in the United Kingdom, is present on the American and Canadian soil to form in June 2004 Group 4 Securicor


 G4S Armored Van

This one will become G4S in 2009.

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The market of armored vehicles will occupy different carbuilders as for example "The HESS And EISENHARDT Co" which will become "CENTIGON Group"

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GARDAWORLD Armored van

In 1995, a new cash-in-transit company was created in Canada, GARDAWORLD

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 GARDA Canada Armored truck

Over the years, it will get the second place in the valuable transportation in North America.


LOOMIS Fargo & Company armored van

In 1997, LOOMIS Armored Inc consolidates with «Wells Fargo Armored Service » a new entity that will form Loomis Fargo & Company.


BRINKS armored van in Dallas, USA

Americans prefer to pay in cash rather than by check. This requires regular replenishment of the banks and regular removal of used bills to be destroyed and replaced by new ones.


Chicago Transit Authority armored truck

A whole logistics system has developed throughout the American states for the exchange of money.


One of the LOOMIS Fortress centers in the USA

In 2001, the Swedish group « SECURITAS AB » bought shares in LOOMIS. A few years later, the "armored cash logistics" part of the company was renamed LOOMIS for all its subsidiaries worldwide.


RAPID ARMORED Corporation van in New York

Apart from the struggle of the four big groups in the USA, LOOMIS, BRINKS, GARDAWORLD et la DUNBAR Armored, there are other smaller players.


ACS (Armed Courier Service) armored truck

They also have larger means to transport all kinds of goods to be secured.


SECURICOR Armored truck from Group 4 Securicor in Canada

Others, like G4S formerly  Group 4 Securicor are present on a part of Canada and USA.


Van of the company MPS specialized in the transport of cannabis

There are also some American states that have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes, armored vans to deliver to legal retailers from production areas to the cities.


4X4 of the banking service WELLS FARGO in version ATM Mobile (Automatic teller Machine)

We can still see red vehicles of Wells Fargo in accordance with its banking activity, as here with this 4X4.


Back of a WELLS FARGO truck in ATM Mobile version (Automatic teller Machine)

This one is deployed in disaster areas or during parties or sports events to propose to withdraw money from an ATM.

Other banking services also propose this principle in big trucks as here with SunTrust


here with PNC BANK


or here with BANK Of AMERICA


See with armored trailers of different sizes like this one,


Or this one.


SECTRAN Security Inc armored van

However, the environment of cash transportation is a sector that will be impacted by different pressures and changes in purchasing behavior in the coming years, as in other Western countries such as France or Germany.

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 PAYPAL armored van

Indeed, regulations that increase the pressure on transport costs (ATM maculation and security measures for customers) as well as the rise of digital payments reducing cash volumes have accentuated the competition forcing savings on the part of CIT companies if they want to continue operating.


LOOMIS armored truck on the streets of New York

Hence the takeover of numerous companies, more or less large, by large groups, to achieve economies of scale and to be a key player in the market...


DUNBAR armored truck

In 2018, BRINKS is going to buy DUNBAR Armored to further grow in the US market.


American armored van of the G4S

In 2020, it is the turn of the "Fiduciary Logistics" division of G4S which will be acquired by BRINKS


American armored van of BRINKS

 This has allowed BRINKS to expand its presence from 41 to 55 countries, including of course the USA.


XOS electric armored car tested by LOOMIS

In order to stand out from the crowd and be environmentally conscious, some cash-in-transit companies, as shown in the picture, will incorporate hybrid or 100% electric vehicles in their fleet.

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