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Presidential Inaugural Plates - English Version


- Presidential Inaugural Plates -
Commemorative License Plates
of American Presidential Inaugurations


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LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN 1950 with plate "1" of 20/01/1953 of the American President at the time.

Since 1933, "Presidential Inaugural plates" souvenir license plates have been affixed to cars during the inauguration period of a new American President.


2017 "Presidential Inaugural plates"

Indeed, these are affixed shortly before, during and after the American presidential inaugural day, which each new American president performs on January 20, the day of his inauguration.


"Presidential Inaugural plates" for the 2009 Washington Police Department

They are affixed on the cars of the American Presidents and Vice-presidents, as well as on official cars during the inaugural journey, but also for private individuals who can drive for a short period of time with them and who keep them as a souvenir...


"Presidential Inaugural plates" of 1933

The first plates appeared in 1933 for the election of the American President Herbert HOOVER on March 04, 1933.

 500 pairs of license plates were manufactured for the occasion three weeks before. For the little story, they were made by inmates of a penitentiary. 


Before, there was no special plate for this moment, as here during the Parade of inauguration of the American President Calvin COOLIDGE on March 04, 1925.

Presidential plaque in 1922 during a trip to Maryland.

Indeed, the presidential plates were numbered from 100 to 110 and were not removed from the presidential cars in service.

1937 "Presidential Inaugural plates"

Since 1933, at each inauguration, the plates change: on this 1937 plate, you can distinguish the year under the Capitol roof.

1953 "Presidential Inaugural plates"

The plates, as time goes by, will have other uses: they are used for the officials before and after the inauguration from January 12 to 26, and are duly registered with the Columbia State License Plate Service.

1969 "Presidential Inaugural plates"
As a rule, many plates are made: 1,000 pairs in 1937, 3,000 pairs in 1953, 4,000 pairs in 1957, and up to 10,000 in 1969.
 1981 "Presidential Inaugural plates"
They even become plates for collectors with prices that skyrocket if the pair is complete and they were affixed to a limousine of a deputy, senator or minister...
The rarest 1930 plates can be traded for over $9,000.
For the 1981 inauguration, 36,000 pairs were made...
2001 "Presidential Inaugural plates" 
Since 1993, the plates have a specific layout: the presidential inauguration number often at the top, a campaign motto of the President-elect, the seal of the Capitol and the expiration date of the plate's use on public roads.

On Inauguration Day, the CADILLAC ONE of the President of the United States is registered "1".


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Inauguration of President EISENHOWER on 20/01/1953

This one takes the President from the White House to the Capitol, then on to Pennsylvannia Avenue.

Inauguration of President EISENHOWER on 20/01/1957

Here, with the inauguration of EISENHOWER in 1957.

Inauguration of President John Fitzgerald KENNEDY on 20/01/1961

Here, with JFK in 1961. 

Investiture of the President Lyndon B. JOHNSON on 20/01/1965

One can see on this photograph the Lincoln Continental of 1961 during the inauguration of Lyndon JOHNSON in 1965.


And here for the inauguration of Richard NIXON on 20/01/1969,


In this photo, the day of the inauguration of President Ronald REAGAN on January 20, 1981.


And here during the inauguration of President Bill CLINTON on 20/01/1993


Investiture of the Vice President Richard NIXON the 20/01/1957, day of the second investiture of the American President EISENHOWER.

The American Vice President finds himself with the Plate " 2 ".

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Second Inauguration of President Bill CLINTON on 20/01/1997

It is in 1997 that a second plate is added during the Inaugural Parade, from the parade on " Pennsylvannia Avenue " : CADILLAC ONE became " USA 1 " » 


Here for the Investiture of President George BUSH Junior in 2001


And here on 20/01/2005 during his second investiture...


And for Barack OBAMA on 20/01/2009.


Investiture of the Vice President Al GORE on 20/01/1997 the day of the second investiture of the American President Bill CLINTON

And the vice president goes up in the limousine " USA 2 ".


At the time of the election of Barack OBAMA this one had a temporary plate of January 18 to 19, 2009. The plate "44" indicates that he became the 44th president of the USA.


His vice president, Joe BIDEN had the plate "47". Because he represented the 47th vice president of the USA...


During the second inauguration of Barack OBAMA, on January 20, 2013, the plates were not used and only the plates "800 - 002" of the two presidential limousines were visible on the CADILLAC ONE.


President OBAMA's trip to Oregon on 24/07/2012

These are the usual plates affixed to the two CADILLAC ONE's so as not to know which one the American president is in when he travels to deceive terrorists in case of an attack during the trip. This decision for these plates was taken shortly after the attacks of 11/09/2001.


Vice President Mike PENCE during a trip to Indy Motor Speedway on 10/17/2018.

They are also used when the Vice President travels on his service cars. You can tell here that this is the Vice President's car by the white flag with the Vice President's Armorial on the left of the driver.


President OBAMA's trip to Oregon on 14/07/2012

Indeed, the American President has a dark blue flag with the armorial of POTUS placed on the left of the driver of CADILLAC ONE


Visit of President OBAMA to Moscow in Russia on 07/07/2009

When the American President is in another country, it is the flag of the country which is put.


Return to the Presidential Inaugural Plates: For the collectors, they could get pairs of plates higher than the number 1.000. for the inauguration of 2013 of OBAMA.

Indeed, the first 1,000 pairs of plates are for official vehicles.


But during the "Inaugural Parades" of the last two presidents, the protocol of these plates was not respected: On President Donald TRUMP's Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, plate "1" was used for the movement from the White House to the Capitol, and then on "Pennsylvannia Avenue"...


In addition, President TRUMP decided not to number the plates of the Cadillac One with the "USA 1" plates, as well as the escort vehicles. Indeed, he preferred to put plates with his name on them, to the great displeasure of collectors who are looking to make series of this kind of plates for escort vehicles...


Official plate for a parliamentary elected official during the "Presidential Inaugural plates" of 2017 

The plates for the official cars were made, as well as for the individuals over 1.000.


For President Joe BIDEN, the particular situation at the end of his mandate was that the plate "46", to indicate that he had become the 46th American president, was left from the White House moving from the Capitol to "Pennsylvannia Avenue"...


Moreover, there was no exit of President Biden and his wife on "Pennsylvannia Avenue" as is the custom for two reasons: the curfew imposed following, a few days before, the attack on the Capitol and the crisis of the COVID prohibiting any gathering...

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Also, the memorial plaques for the public were not sent out until February 2021.


Here is one of the US Secret Service members changing the plate from CADILLAC ONE to put on plate 46...


The cars of the official procession had their specific plates, like here, on this picture above, with the plates for the CAT, the US President's protection service, where we see a member of the US Secret Service putting them for the first of their escort cars.

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