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BRINKS logo in the 1890s

BRINKS began as a freight service in 1859 and its first name was BRINK'S City Express created by Washington Perry BRINK and Fidelia BRINK.


Photo of the BRINK'S staff in 1880

The name then evolved into "Brink's C.C Ex Co." and then "Brink's C.C Express Co".


In 1891, it began to specialize in the transportation of money by carrying thousands of dollars in wages for a local company. In 1900, BRINKS made its first bank delivery with six bags of silver dollars to the Home National Bank, becoming the first money carrier in the world. In 1913, it became a specialty.


Initially, BRINKS used horses to transport its loads, but the horses were often sick. In 1904, the company designed its first model of car, the "KNOX". In early 1917, four heavily armed men killed a guard who was getting out of the car with money. The following year, in 1918, BRINKS designed an enclosed truck to protect its guards.


  BRINKS would expand across the United States starting in 1919, outside of Chicago, with its first branch in Cleveland, then Rochester and Philadelphia.


More and more thefts or attempted thefts took place, which forced the construction of more and more solid cars with steel plates. Indeed, during the prohibition era, crime hit Chicago hard.

BRINKS was to develop rapidly in many cities of the American East and to possess numerous safe houses, places where the cash of shops, banks and companies were gathered. In 1927, it even opened its first foreign office in Montreal, Canada.

At the end of the Second World War, BRINKS, which then employed more than 2,000 people, equipped its cars with powerful weapons and repeating rifles. In 1956, the first diesel-powered armored car was introduced.


Americans prefer to pay in cash rather than by check. This required regular supplies to the banks, as well as bringing cash into the BRINKS' fortress centers...

The vehicles are then going to be bigger and bigger to transport always more money, passing from the van,


to the van...


And always more and more armored...


The transport and mining conglomerate PITTSTON acquires the BRINK'S company in 1959.

This was followed by a change in the logo with the inscription below BRINK'S "A Division of The PITTSON Company" on the armored trucks.

The BRINKS logo will evolve with its logo on the sides of its trucks over the years,

as well as the evolution of the shield's branding

The inspiration for the shield in 1962 came from the U.S. Interstate highway signs, marking its side of the road as a cash transport company

and the American police badges worn by police officers and detectives, a sign of authority, order and respect for the law...


Here is the current logo that can be seen on its vehicles, taking forms of its oldest logos.


Brinks France van Year 2000
Thereafter, BRINKS will develop, from 1961, by creating subsidiaries, the first of which will be in France at the request of the government of the time.

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Brinks Israel armored van
Then Israel in 1965,

Brinks Brazil armored truck last generation
And in 1966, it establishes itself in Brazil.


Brinks Brazil armored trucks

Brazil became its third largest subsidiary.

Brinks Brazil armored truck

It is not uncommon to see large BRINKS armored trucks from its Brazilian subsidiary traveling the national roads between Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro...


Brinks armored van Chili

as well as in Latin America, like here in Chile,

Armored truck Brinks Bolivia

or here, in Bolivia.

Armored truck MACO Argentina, subsidiary of BRINKS

or here in Argentina with MACO transports, subsidiary of BRINKS

Armored truck Brinks Argentina

Even if it also has vehicles in its own name.

HERMES armored truck - Peru (BRINKS subsidiary)

It is also developing in Peru with the HERMES cash in transit company


PANAMERICA armored car - Mexico

In Mexico, BRINKS is present with its local subsidiary : PANAMERICA


PANAMERICA armored car - Mexico

The Mexican cash and valuables transportation market is one of the most dangerous in the world because of the numerous gangs on the territory, as well as with the money moved for the Mexican middle classes arousing the covetousness of these overarmed gangs...


PANAMERICA's armored car - Mexico

This one also develops the types of service that the BRINKS proposes. From the big armored van,


armored truck of PANAMERICA - Mexico

to the semi-trailer with armored cabin.


Armored truck of PANAMERICA - Bolivia

Through this subsidiary BRINKS can also penetrate markets like Bolivia.


Toyota armored Hilux of BRINKS Thailand
At the end of the 70's, BRINKS will be deployed in many Asian countries.

BRINKS CIT armored van in Japan

We can see some BRINKS vans in Japan, but it is not very present, because it cannot do as in other Western countries, where it usually buys local companies to extend its brand. Japanese regulations are very strict on the takeover of Japanese companies by foreign international companies, as well as on the creation of cash-in-transit companies on its soil...

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Brinks armored van in London

Always present on the old continent, it provides all kinds of transport services other than cash, such as sensitive transport of works of art.


Brinks Belgium armored car

It also covers Belgium,


 Brinks Luxembourg armored car

and Luxembourg...


Armored Truck IVECO BRINKS France Last Generation

Faced with competition from other large cash-in-transit groups, BRINKS is going to buy other smaller companies.

THEMIS France armored van

For example, the BRINKS group bought the TEMIS cash transport in France and became the leader in France. BRINKS France represented 51% of the French cash logistics market (cash transports, counting, ATM management,...) in 2017.

Fourgon de la BRINK’S

But only two years later, LOOMIS France acquires PROSEGUR Cash France in 2019 and becomes the new market leader in cash logistics in France ahead of BRINK'S France.

BRINKS is going to buy in 2018, in the USA, the "DUNBAR Armored" to further grow on the American market.

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G4S England armored van

In 2020, BRINKS also acquired the Trust Logistics of a major European group: G4S. This operation covers 17 countries, including 14 new markets for BRINKS and expand its presence from 41 to 55 countries. G4S keeping its retail and cash management activities in the UK and South Africa.

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BRINKS armored trucks in one of its Fortress centers
With this acquisition, it will strengthen its position in Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Kuwait and the Dominican Republic.

This will increase the annual turnover of BRINKS to approximately 4.6 billion dollars.


Brinks USA armored van

With more than 13,500 vehicles and over 60,000 employees in the 55 countries where it now operates, BRINKS can compete with three of its other biggest competitors in the cash-in-transit business: the American LOOMIS, the Spanish PROSEGUR and the Canadian GARDAWORLD.

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Brinks Netherlands armored van and truck

Apart from the purchase of a large CIT company such as G4S which opens new markets, BRINKS mainly uses the technique of buying local players to grow in a country, and this for many years. Here is the example of the Netherlands where it will become the number 1 until today: 

At the end of the 60's, BRINKS in order to penetrate this important Dutch market allied itself with existing companies by buying them up as they went along.


Here is over the years its evolution through its vans. First of all with its new partner "GERLACH"


Here in front of one of its fortress centers of the time


Then once absorbed in the group, it was the company of transport of funds NEDLLOYD


The Netherlands also have many deposit banks spread throughout the cities and require this type of vehicle to transport their cash.


Armored Van of the Brinks Netherlands

Then, after its successive takeovers of its new partners, only the name of BRINKS remained, as here with its new serigraphy.


SECUR CASH armored van

However, BRINKS Netherlands will launch a subsidiary to relaunch itself: SECUR CASH . It was intended to collect cash in stores and supermarkets, but it will file for bankruptcy in 2019.


Armored Van of the BRINKS Netherlands

Indeed, the environment of cash transport is a sector that is impacted by different pressures, such as the "political one of a country" to decrease the volumes in cash, as new regulations that increase the pressure on transport costs (automatic staining in case of theft and minimum amounts entrusted in the transport of cash according to the sums transported), as well as fewer and fewer Bank Agencies to supply.

Changes in purchasing behavior will also impact the means of cash payment: the rise of digital payments will accelerate the decrease in cash volumes, which has been accentuated with the COVID Virus since 2020 by favoring these means to pay for all kinds of purchases.

Brinks Netherlands armored trucks

It continues to provide all kinds of fiduciary logistics or sensitive materials of companies thanks to its heavy transport capabilities.

CENTIGON armored truck for the company BRINKS
To prepare its armoured vehicles, BRINKS uses specialized bodywork manufacturers, such as CENTIGON FRANCE SAS

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VEHIXEL armored truck for BRINKS company
or VEHIXEL for its European branches:

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 Here is a video presenting the itinerary
of a banknote managed by BRINKS
Corporate video of BRINKS

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