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Cash and valuables transportation in Latin America - English Version

Cash and valuables transportation
in Latin America

  - English Version -

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COMETRA armored truck - Mexico

Unlike Western countries which are undergoing a change in the CIT market, with a decrease in cash volumes due to the rise of digital payments, the decrease in bank branches on their territory, pressure on CIT costs (with regulations and automatic cash staining in case of theft) and the willingness of Western state policies to decrease cash volumes, that of Latin American countries is rather stable.

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ETV armored vans - Bolivia

Indeed, for years, the inhabitants of these countries, whose standard of living is low for the most part, despite a middle class, do not have the means to make purchases by digital payments, and prefer to be paid in cash. 


ATLAS armored van - Colombia

It can also be noted that in many Latin American countries where governmental and local economic policies are unstable, people sometimes prefer to have U.S. dollars rather than exchange with the local currency.


VISETECA armored car - Venezuela

There have been economic shocks, such as in Argentina and Venezuela, where the local currency collapses. The value of the American dollar remains practically fixed, and the inhabitants and the business world of these countries prefer to trade with the American currency.

ESERTVAL armored truck - Chile

In other South American countries, poor people who do not trust their banking system also prefer to have cash rather than put everything in a bank account. However, the middle class in these countries manage their money through their banks.


HERMES armored truck - Peru (BRINKS subsidiary)

In this market of cash transport, we can also indicate the freight with high added values which is transported in trucks with armored cabin as for example electronic material (telephones, computers, etc) to deliver stores in province or in the capitals.


PANAMERICANO armored truck - Mexico (BRINKS subsidiary)

Indeed, the insecurity is very important and the robberies of transport trucks of all kinds are frequent on the roads of Latin America.


WAGNER armored van - Chile

The phenomenon of armored car robbery is very present in most of these countries for more than a century.

Armored car BICEFALA - Mexico

These robberies are carried out by local gangs ready to do anything to steal in the face of the increased security of transportation. That's why the security guards are heavily armed.


PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

Among the private companies that manage the cash and valuables transport market, there are two large groups that compete with each other: the international group of Spanish origin PROSEGUR

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BRINKS armored car - Chile

And the international group BRINKS of American origin.

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PROSEGUR armored car - Argentina

In the first case, PROSEGUR was created at the end of the 70s and turned to the Latin American market from the mid-80s.

PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

One of its first markets on the American continent is Brazil.


PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

There, over the years, it will buy many small local companies already established on the South American soil.


PROSEGUR Armored truck - Brazil

It will also develop the heavy transport of sensitive cargo with a fleet of trucks with armored cabs.


Semi-trailer with armored cabin PROSEGUR - Brazil

This sometimes results in large loads due to their size.

PROSEGUR armored car - Colombia

PROSEGUR is also present in almost all South American countries, such as Colombia,


PROSEGUR armored car - Chile

in Chile,


PROSEGUR armored car - URUGUAY

In Uruguay,


PROSEGUR armored car - PERU

in Peru,

PROSEGUR armored car - Argentina

Or in Argentina.


BRINKS armored cars - Brazil

Its main competitor in these countries is the American group BRINKS


BRINKS armored truck - Brazil

Established in different countries a few years earlier than its Spanish competitor, thanks to pro-American governments during the late 60's, 70's and 80's, BRINKS also developed the armored truck market to deliver its customers.


BRINKS armored van - Brazil

In 1966,  BRINKS was established in Brazil and became its third largest subsidiary in the world.


BRINKS armored truck - Chile

Also present in Chile,

BRINKS armored truck - Colombia

in Colombia,


BRINKS armored car - Bolivia

in Bolivia,


BRINKS armored truck - Argentina

and in Argentina,


MACO armored car - Argentina

it develops subsidiaries with local brands like here the Argentinian cash in transit company MACO.


MACO armored car - Argentina 90's

MACO being an old company in this country.


HERMES armored car - Peru (Subsidiary of BRINKS)

or here in Peru with the HERMES cash in transit company


Armored car of PANAMERICANO - Mexico

In Mexico, it is with its local subsidiary that BRINKS is present: the PANAMERICANO


PANAMERICANO armored car - Mexico

The Mexican market is just as dangerous, if not more so, with the numerous violent gangs on the territory, as well as with the money moved for the Mexican middle classes, arousing the covetousness of these overarmed gangs...


PANAMERICANO armored car - Mexico

This one also develops the types of service that the BRINKS proposes. From the big van


PANAMERICANO armored truck - Mexico

to the semi-trailer with armored cabin.


Armored vans of PANAMERICA - Bolivia

Through this subsidiary of BRINKS, it can also penetrate markets like Bolivia.


DUNBAR Armored van - Chile

Other large groups like  DUNBAR Armored will try to break into different Latin American countries

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G4S Costa Rica armored car

or G4S  with already existing subsidiaries, like here with SECURICOR in Costa Rica,

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G4S armored car - Panama

or here in Panama,


G4S armored car - Brazil

or here in Brazil, but their attempt is too late and will not have the same success as the BRINKS and PROSEGUR already present.


GSI armored car - Costa Rica

According to the market sometimes very small as here Costa Rica, the big groups do not establish themselves because not profitable enough for them in term of cash flow.


VIGENCIA armored car - Argentina

Due to the size of the country, the Argentinean market also has many cash and valuables transport companies that have been present for years.


CODECOP armored car - Argentina

Some of them are bought out and change their name like CODECOP.


DUCIT armored car - Argentina

Others renew their fleet of armored vans.


Banco Provincia armored car - Argentina

Some banks prefer to have their own van as here Banco Provincia,


Armored car Banco de la Nacion Argentina

or here Banco de la Nacion Argentina,


Armored car Banco del Chubut

or the Bank of CHUBUT


Armored car of the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina

as well as the Central Bank of Argentina.


Video of this convoy

BRINKS armored car - Brazil

Brazil also, because of its size, has many operators in cash transportation, in addition to  BRINKS 
PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

PROTEGE armored car - Brazil

  PROTEGE can be found in Rio de Janeiro

TRANSNACIONAL armored car - Brazil


BLUE ANGELS armored car - Brazil

BLUE ANGELS in Brasilia
Three armored trucks ESCUADRA - Brazil
Some companies also own trucks for sensitive cargo.

Armored truck SEG MASTER - Brazil

The highways are well served but needs more protection against road cutters who attack all kinds of trucks.

CORPUS armored truck - Brazil

That's why the couriers are heavily armed to face gangs.

FIDELYS armored car - Brazil

We can also note some unusual bodies not marketed in Europe or North America.

FYDELIS armored car - Brazil

Vehicle manufacturers such as VOLKSWAGEN offering original bodies in this country.

Armored car FORMAV - Brazil

Indeed, some factories manufacture specific models for the Brazilian market.

PROTEGE armored truck - Brazil

As well as trucks while the brand is known in Europe for small vans or small trucks.

Armored car MIB BLINDADOS- Brazil

Some carbuilders giving free rein to their creations.

Armored truck BRINKS - Brazil

  MERCEDES not being in rest also in the shape of these trucks.

PROSEGUR armored truck - Brazil

 As here with these models prepared by bodybuilders for  PROSEGUR BRAZIL

PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

in different forms like this one,

PROSEGUR armored car - Brazil

or this one.

Armored van BRINKS - Brazil

or here with this BRINKSvan.

Armored car TB FORTE - Brazil

Since a few years, in several large countries of Latin America like Mexico, Argentina, Chile or Brazil, the middle classes are more and more important and the South American governments also want, as for the Western countries, to limit the transactions in cash to privilege the digital payments.


PROSEGUR armored pick up - Brazil

This is to avoid too many volumes of cash because it allows these governments to limit the manufacture of new banknotes, as well as to limit the black market work paid in cash, and to allow the tax authorities to have a better visibility of control for more tax revenue in their coffers.

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