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The cars of The Pope - English Version

The cars of the Popes

    - English Version -

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Citroën LICTORIA Papal of 1930

It is Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) who will abandon the use of horse-drawn carriages. An Italian factory CITROËN offered this Citroën LICTORIA in 1930 to celebrate the reconciliation between the Church and the Italian State. But being too luxurious, it has hardly been driven. It has 192 kilometers on the odometer.

Mercedes Nürburg 460 presented to Pope Pius XI

MERCEDES also offered to Pope Pius XI a Mercedes Nürburg 460, also in 1930.


Mercedes Nürburg 460 of the Pope in St Peter's Square in Rome

Equipped with a central seat in the back, the Pope used it very little. He used it to walk around the Vatican gardens. The Popes of the time made very few, if any, trips out of the Vatican...


Mercedes 300D Papal

After the Second World War, the papal car was a Mercedes 300 D. This car for Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) was lengthened compared to the original version by 450mm, and, again, benefited from a single seat in the back.


Mercedes 300D Papal blessed by Pope John XXIII

The registration on the Pope's car is SCV1. This is the Italian abbreviation for "Stato della Città del Vaticano" which translates into "Vatican City State".


Pope Paul VI's trip to a religious ceremony in the Mercedes 300D Papale

Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) used it for all kinds of ceremonies.


Travel of Pope Paul VI in the Mercedes 300 Limousine Pullman Landaulet

In 1965, during the papacy of Paul VI, used a Mercedes 300D.


Mercedes 600 Limousine Pullman Landaulet papal

A more luxurious model was proposed: the Mercedes 600 Limousine Pullman Landaulet. Even if it was a convertible, it was equipped with an air conditioning...


Mercedes 600 Limousine Pullman Landaulet papal

It also had an intercom system to communicate with the driver.


Rear seat of the Pope in the Mercedes 600 Limousine

The seat of the Holy Father had an electric adjustment.


Presentation to Pope Paul VI of the Mercedes 600 Limousine Pullman Landaulet in 1965

 This car was regularly used by the Pope in his travels.


Pope Paul VI in the Mercedes 300 W109 Landaulet   

  But the Mercedes 300 Landaulet was more often used. 



Pope Paul VI in the Mercedes 300 W109 Landaulet     

Here is a color photo of Pope Paul VI arriving in St. Peter's Square in front of Swiss Guards.


Pope John Paul II on board the Mercedes 300 W109 Landaulet    

After the assassination attempt of John Paul II in 1981, this Mercedes 300 was equipped with bulletproof windows.


Pope John Paul II in a Fiat Nuova Campagnola in St. Peter's Square in Rome

Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) preferred to be close to the people who came to meet him. He chose an open vehicle through a FIAT NUOVA CAMPAGNOLA


Visit of Pope John Paul II in November 1979 in Boston aboard the 1969 Lincoln Continental

He was a Pope who loved to travel to get closer to his flock. He was nicknamed the "traveling Pope"


Ford Transit Papal - Irlande 1979

In 1979, a FORD TRANSIT truck of 15 places was fitted out for the arrival of the Pope John Paul II in Ireland.


Visit to Paris on May 31, 1980 on board the French presidential SM

During his foreign trips, the presidents offered him the governmental vehicles.


Visit to Paris on May 31, 1980 on board the Command Car repainted in white for the occasion

Some countries even repainted in white vehicles that were usually used for military parades.


Mercedes 230 G Popemobile 1980

The attempt of assassination of the Holy Father, on May 13, 1981, at the time of one of its baths of crowd, on board its FIAT CAMPAGNOLA, made understand however that it was necessary now to equip its vehicle of bullet-proof glass...

Papal LEYLAND of 1982 in the United Kingdom

In May 1982, during his visit to Great Britain, he travelled in a LEYLAND.


Papal LEYLAND of 1982 in the United Kingdom

More than 250.000 people came to see the Pope in Heaton Park.


Papal LEYLAND of 1982 in the United Kingdom

This 154 horsepower truck had bulletproof windows and armored floors.

Papal LEYLAND of 1982 in the United Kingdom

One year after the terrible attack on St. Peter's Square in Rome in 1981, Pope John Paul II was able to travel in complete safety.

Range Rover blindé 1982 en Ecosse

He also traveled to Scotland in Edinburgh that same year, here in an armored Range Rover

Visit of the Pope in Montreal in September 1984

That's why, afterwards, in all the countries where the Holy Father travelled, special vehicles were built, like here during his visit in Canada with this GMC Sierra van.


Papal GMC during the Pope's visit in 1998

This vehicle was used in 1984 and 1998 in Cuba during the official visits of John Paul II to the population.


Video of the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1998 where we can see this vehicle


Spanish Land Rover prepared for the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982

During his visit to Spain in 1982, which lasted 10 days, an armored Land Rover was assembled.


Pope John Paul II's visit to Spain in 1982

In addition to this armored vehicle, the Spanish Police was deployed all along the routes with the fear of terrorist attacks of the ETA because this small group perpetrated an attack every week...


Video of the Pope's visit in Spain in 1982.

The Land rover is visible after 3mn21s


Papal SEAT Pand

A small funny anecdote is to be noted: Whereas the Pope had to go in the Spanish stadiums Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu, the 4X4 not passing by the corridors of the stadium, this prototype was built in haste to be able to make pass the Pope John Paul II...


Visit of Pope John Paul II in Lyon in France on November 04, 1986

Pope John Paul II has made more than 105 trips around the world. This imposed to leave permanently, in various archdioceses, armored Mercedes and Land Rover.


Papal Cadillac De Ville Parade Phaeton

We can note this strange car that was offered to Pope John Paul II, by the firm CADILLAC in 1998.


The Pope aboard the Mercedes G of 2002, St Peter's Square in Rome

In 2002, a new popemobile arrived: a Mercedes G Class


His successor Benedict XVI (2005-2013) used it during his trips in various countries as here in Zagreb in Croatia in June 2011


or here in the USA in April 2008. This vehicle is smaller than the previous ones and does not allow to have one or two assistants behind the Pope.

2012 Papak Kangoo Renault electric

Manufacturers also regularly offered models to the Vatican, more by symbolic image than by necessity for the Holy Father.


The current Pope, Francis I (since 2013) continues to receive vehicles that the Papacy has no use for, such as this Lamborghini HURACAN offered in 2017 to the Pope.


He signed it, blessed it and auctioned it off for charity.

Video of this moment

Video of its manufacture and finish


Similarly in 2019 with a Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide worth 15,490 euros. This one was sold at auction at 241,000 euros. Again, the proceeds went to charity.


In 2012, Mercedes delivered two Mercedes M-Class which were not used much.

Video of one of these 4X4 M-Class


Pope Francis I in a Mercedes G during the Canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII in April 2014

Indeed, Pope Francis I likes to be close to the believers and travels with less protected 4X4.

He also travels a lot around the world, and there again, manufacturers offer all kinds of vehicles, as here, with this JEEP Wrangler during his visit to Brazil.

or here, in Mauritius in 2019, where NISSAN offered him this NP300 model

Video of this model

or here with this FORD RANGER in Panama, also in 2019


or here in Madagascar, in September 2019, with this vehicle manufactured by a local company close to Emmaus.

Video of this Malagasy 4X4


Report on the visit of Pope Francis to the USA in 2015 by the US Secret Service

During a trip of the Pontiff, it is a headache from a security point of view: The itinerary is often known in advance and the crowd is very important during the passage of the papal convoy.


Moving to St. Mark's Square in Venice of Pope Benedict XVI on 07/05/2011

The security around the convoy, even if it is small, is the same as for the arrival of a President, a King or a Queen, with special units, counter snipers on the roofs, means to detect explosives, and bodyguards making a protection bubble.

   The principle of a protective bubble follows the assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934, which imposed a pro-active security around the presidential limousine.


Pope Francis I in St. Peter's Square in Rome

Another sensitive security point is the poor protection because the Pope wants the crowd to see him, so he is on high ground and often in the open. Moreover the vehicle moves at a pace...


Video of the stop of a papal convoy in Chile in 2018

Finally, it can happen that the Pope decides to stop the convoy for X reasons, putting it on display in an unsecured place, as in an incident that occurred with a police rider in Chile, in January 2018, where she had fallen from her horse while the convoy was passing.


Pope Francis I with the policewoman who fell in Chile during his visit

Pope Francis I had his convoy stopped and stayed with the young woman until she was evacuated by the rescue...


Pope Francis I accompanied by King Mohammed VI of Morocco in March 2019

More rare is to see two vehicles in parallel with the person who receives the Pope, as here, during a visit of Pope Francis to Morocco in March 2019.


Sensitive to environmental issues, Pope Francis I also likes to be in so-called ecological cars as here, in 2014, in this small model KIA , less flashy than the big sedans greedy energy, during his visit to South Korea.


He also made this same little wink, compared to the huge American SUVs, by driving a Fiat 500 L during his visit in September 2015 in Washington.

Here is the video of this arrival


or here with this hydrogen Toyota. This one was given to him during a visit to Japan in November 2019.


He adopted it and it is now permanently in Rome at the Vatican...


Creation of a 1/87 Popemobile
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There are also 1/87 models of the Popemobile

Model: Mercedes 230 G - Popemobile
Brand: BOS MODELS Scale: 1/87 Reference: 87676

Model: Mercedes 230 G - Popemobile
Brand: BOS MODELS Scale: 1/87 Reference: 87675



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