dimanche 14 juin 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 11 - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 - episode 11 – The suitcase

Part 1: The attack


International Airport Berlin-Schönefeld, 9:48

VIP area,

 HANS Peter : "Welcome to you Prince Ben Ali El Mamoud"

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud : "Thank you. We'll get right to our hotel ..."

Lou 44 "Here Lou, Kanal 44 , we are seeing the convoy of Prince Ben Ali El Mamoud from Berlin airport"

Lou 44 : "He's here to negotiate trade between Germany and his country ..."

Peter HANS : "Hurry up and put the luggage of the royal family in the van !!!"

MOUROUD Ali : "I go to the front of the Vito !!!"

Peter HANS : "While I am in the X5 ..."

Porter : " the case is in the gray Vito passenger side ..."

Driver of the blue BM : "OK ..."

Driver of the blue BM : "Here we go ..."

Meanwhile, a few blocks closer.

Capiscol Ben : "Well, we have an appointment to police headquarters for the investigation of the kidnapping of the daughter of the investigator Zimermann Hamburg (link on this episode. here )

Ben Capiscol "I will refuel and now here we go ...."

Ali MOUROUD : "Come directly to the hotel Prince ..."

Ali MOUROUD : "Red light ...."

Ali MOUROUD "Amusing woman who pushes the barrel organ ..."

Woman with yellow skirt : "DON'T MOVE !!! CUP CONTACT AND THROW THE KEYS !!!"

Man in white : "CUP CONTACT, KEY LAYS and AIR HANDS !!!"

Woman with yellow skirt : "THE SUITCASE, GIVE THE BAG !!!"

Woman with yellow skirt : "OK, I have the suitcase !!! Fire in the tire of the BMW"


French GIGN captain Tenroc "A robbery, BEN !!! A man just shot in the crossroads ...."   


Ben Ben Capiscol "RIDE !!!"

WINZ, the man in white  "Go !!!!"

WINZ : "Cops !!! Already .... DARK !!!"


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