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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 7 - Last part

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- Part 4: Evasion -

Summary of the previous game  : Jacknap felt unwell during his trial. He was transferred to the nearest hospital ...

Central Hospital of Hamburg, 10:43 am

Doctor  : "We will go into the observation room 1 ..."

Katie, the nurse  : "She's work ... Dr. The 3 is free ... "

Doctor  : "A yes it is true. "

Ben Capiscol  "OK, this room has a single door ..."

Doctor  : "Please get out now, I'll listen !!! "

15 minutes later

Klaus CRISTIANO "Everything is cordoned Kommandeur ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Perfect ..."

5 minutes later

Capiscol Ben  : "Well, I think it is slow to give us information ... 


Ben Capiscol  "Doctor !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Yes, what ??? "

Doctor  : "I felt a great shock behind head"

Ben Capiscol  "Where is the nurse ??? How are they out? "

Ben Capiscol  "Lock all doors and check everyone coming out !!! "

Captain Tenroc  : "They must be far away ... But how have they managed to get out of this room? "

Klaus CRISTIANO  "Commandeur, we found something in the room where was Jacknap ..."

CRISTIANO Klaus  : "Looking at the ground, we saw scratches here»

Klaus CRISTIANO  "And pushing this piece ..."

CRISTIANO Klaus  : "We discover a hole that communicates in the room next ..."

20 minutes earlier ...
Jacknap  "Bravo ... Katie. The hole in the wall, great ... "

Katie, the nurse  : "Put the clothes, the fake beard and turban ... We have very little time .."

Katie, the nurse  : "... Perfect Lie !! "

Katie, the nurse  : "Hop, cover .... And we go ... "


Katie, the nurse  : "Go there almost happened ... KURT opens the ambulance !!! "

Kurt Ackermann  : "Welcome Boss ..."

Kurt Ackermann  : " neither seen nor known ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Okay. The pattern is emerging: Jacknap simulated a serious malaise. He must have known we emmènerions all emergencies in the nearest hospital "

Ben Capiscol  "And then a team of Angels Rabbit has previously broken the wall a few days earlier in the hiding and threatened the doctor who was there. He just confirmed us ... The nurse pushed the stretcher is not known for their services. Once the door had to be closed, it knocked the doctor and escaped immediately Jacknap "

Officer  : "Everything was searched. It is not in the hospital ... "

Captain Tenroc  "And now? "

Ben Capiscol  "We will put all our resources to find him ... I made it personal ..."

End of the 7 th épisode

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