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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 8 - Part 1

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Any resemblance to persons
or real situations  or having existed
is purely coincidental

The GSG 9 for Grenzschutzgruppe 9 is a response unit of the German police in charge of operations against terrorism, hostage-taking, negotiation, bank robberies, in support of the federal or local police. Here are their actions

8th episode – Police Station -

Part 1: Color story

Munich suburbs, 7:45

Steffen SCHREIBER  : "Well I'm leaving baby. I take bread for tonight? "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Yes!"

Herta SCHREIBER  : "And do not forget to take Karl tonight in nursery ..."

Steffen SCHREIBER  : "Yes, I will not forget .. A while ago in the office ??? "

Man in gray , "Hello, I look for the home of Mr. and Herta Steffen SCHREIBER ..."

Steffen SCHREIBER  : "I am Steffen SCHREIBER. What do you want? "

Man in gray , "Well I invite you to go home !!! "

Neighbor : "Ho my god !!! But this man ... Steffen threat. I must warn the police ... "

At that moment, Police Headquarters Munich

Huppert FROMM, Police director   "You have a good trip Commander Capiscol? "

Ben Capiscol  "Yes, thank you. I present the French GIGN captain Tenroc who will attend the training with SEK Forces (Spezialeinsatzkommando) and ours ... I thought I saw also among them a young candidate for GSG9 "

Huppert FROMM  "Yes, Lieutenant Alex BOBOD. He applied to join the GSG9 and awaits the results of the tests carried out three months at home .... "

Ben Capiscol  : "I saw his name in the last selected. He has every chance to join us ... "

The Tenroc captain  , "Why the police cars are they green? "

FROMM Huppert  : "The German police cars were in the 50's green countryside and white city. "

FROMM Huppert  : "Can white and green bottle on the sides, mid 60 '

Huppert FROMM  "then the white roof early 70 '

Huppert FROMM  "emerald green and white and in the 80s except for law enforcement of any vehicles that were emerald green"

FROMM Huppert  : "Can white with a white band mid 90 '

FROMM Huppert  : "In the 2000s, such as the UK, it is replaced by the white color aluminum under pressure from car manufacturers for whom white is no longer the base color but aluminum. "

FROMM Huppert  : "As part of a European harmonization of the font colors, it turned out that the blue was one of the more present the various countries of the community. Similarly for uniforms .... However, the federal states of Bavaria preferred to retain the green color ... "

Policeman  : "Mr Director, Mr Director .... "

Huppert FROMM  "Yes ??? "

Policeman  : "Mr Director, you are called crisis room !! "

Operational Centre of the Munich police, 8:01

FROMM Huppert  : "What's going on? "

Operator  : "A neighbor saw a man to kidnap a couple and their child in their apartment"

FROMM Huppert  : "Is our men intervened ?? "

Operator  : "Not at the moment, they have not yet been reported and there has been no contact with the hostage-taker. The husband and wife who are taken hostage are two policemen of the police !!! "

FROMM Huppert  : "HOW ??? And who are they ?? "

Operator  : "This is the SCHREIBER couple. Steffen SCHREIBER is peacekeeper patrol in the streets and drive normally, and his wife, Herta SCHREIBER, deals sealed. They have a daughter. Lili 7 years old "

FROMM Huppert  : "What do you think Capiscol? "

Ben Capiscol  : "If you allow us, we will support you as the hostage of two policemen and their daughter must not be a coincidence ..."

Huppert FROMM  "Okay ... let's go !!! "


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