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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 9 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons 
or real situations  or have existed 
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - 9th episode - ATLAS -

Part 3: Loss of control 

North of St Peter Ording, 
near the park Wattenmeer Nordfriesisches, 12:48 pm

Arnold WANTZ : "This little jogging 20 minutes will do me the most good ..."

Man hideout  : "Caution, bird leaves its nest as expected to do his jogging ..."

Wielfried Zuruk alias Ali Jahannam  "Perfect. In less than 10 minutes, it takes action ... "

Command post of the German Ministry of the Interior, Berlin, 12:52 am
Oskar FINDER  : "You made the list of targets of interest of terrorists in St Peter Ording sector? "

Policeman  : "Yes there are very few. There are no conference center, no particular event, no important military base, a central power in Brunsbüttel. Otherwise there is  a large park, Wattenmeer Nordfriesisches, but nothing significant. There may be a building owned by the German state and is used occasionally for distinguished visitors, right next to the park, but that's it "

Oskar FINDER  : "Well look who is there now !!! "

Hanz at the green cap , "Sir, we have something new.  Airbus Defence and Space piloting a drone missile for this currently north of Germany. An RQ 1 Predator has flown there 20 minutes and we sent the Luftwaffe plans found in the hideout, one of them is the RQ1 flight plan yesterday that should do the same aujourd 'hui ... "

Policeman  : "The person who is currently in the residence of St Peter Ording is" Number 1 ": the Bundespräsident WANTZ Arnold, Federal President of the German Republic"

Oskar FINDER  "How ??? Pass me immediately Luftwaffe and Ben Capiscol !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Hello, yes? Who ??? Where? We went there right away !!! "

Control Tower of Schleswig-Jagel, 12:59 

Operator Schleswig-Jagel  , "Here control tower Schleswig-Jagel, for reasons of terrorism risk on your drone, we ask Whisky Alpha to land immediately !!! "

Lieutenant Colonel Peter O'tool  :   "OK, our going there. Commander, return to the airfield in Schleswig-Jagel !!! "

Commander  : "Well, Colonel, but ... I do directs more ...»

Lieutenant Colonel Peter O'tool  :   "How ??? Try to force !!! "

Commander  : "it does not work, he was intercepted sir !!! "

Lieutenant Colonel Peter O'tool  :   "Press the destruction !! "

Commander  : "Done .... But it does not work .... "

Oskar FINDER  : "Capiscol, Americans have lost control of their drone. It is equipped with 2 missiles. We need you to protect immediately "Number 1" !!! "

Ben Capiscol  : " This is received, we arrive at the property ... "

Ben Capiscol  "Commander Capiscol of GSG9, Number 1 is in danger. Bring us !!! "

Captain Tenroc "Here !!! A man comes out of this big house ... "

Edgar BLIT "I am Edgar BLIT, steward of this property. What do you want

Ben Capiscol  : "I am the commandant of Capiscol GSG9. A terrorist attack is certainly being .... Where is number one? "

Edgar BLIT : "He's gone to a jog to the north of the property. In're not going back soon ... "

Ben Capiscol  "Quick must join !!! "


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