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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 13 - Part 4

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Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - 13th episode - POTUS -



Part 4: Arrival

Lou 44 : "And the president of the United States which is close to Checkpoint Charlie"

Ben Capiscol : "Warning.... we come .... To all, stand ready !!!"

Ben Capiscol : "Wait until the limo stopped position either ..."

Ben Capiscol "Sniper 1, the sky is clear?"

Peter : "Here Sniper 1, OK for me..."

Lou 44 : "And the president of the United States that descends from his limousine ..."

Lou 44 : "He is joined by his wife and goes up the red carpet ..."

Lou 44 : "He mounts the rostrum"

Lou 44 "and welcomed the large crowd came to listen to his speech ..."

Barack Obama : "Berliners, I am pleased to be here with you."

Barack Obama : "This place, which for so many years has been a crossing point between the two Germanies, shows that it was a source of hope for so many Germans ...."

Peter : "Well, nothing to report .... Viewing the 4th floor, the building in front of us ..."

Hans, Sniper : "Nothing serious, the audience ..."

GSG9 man who comes from the stairs : "Peter?"

Peter ". Oh, it's you You put an outfit of GSG9 ???"

GSG9 man : "Yes, it's better to be identified I come see you because with the men downstairs, we saw on your floor ... something suspicious."

Peter : "Hans, stay here !!! I'll see !!! Show me where."

Man of GSG9 "Here ..."

Peter : "I see nothing ..."


The skilled GSG9 : "Peter needs help ..."

Hans, the sniper : "How come?"


The skilled GSG9 : "Nobody saw this practice silent?"

The skilled GSG9 : "For my father ...."


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