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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 15 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
15th episode – Surprise -

Part 3: Action

Port Emdem, 12:06 am

Ben Capiscol : "Gentlemen, we will invest where this boat is certainly the most wanted man in Germany: Jacknap !!! Everyone on this ship is suspect, however, you open fire only in self. Defence ... "

Ben Capiscol : "I will be with the Alpha unit, we will intervene on the side of the boat to neutralize the sentinels that will be on different decks of the ship.."

Ben Capiscol . "Delta, marine unit GSG9 led by Fab VEAL, will intervene by sea to mount by the stern of yacth, masked by a fishing boat piloted by a man GSGS9 CRISTIANO, you will have the Congratulations unit. You will secure the different decks of the ship. "


Ben Capiscol : "As for me, I would be with the Alpha unit to take the cockpit Questions Not So track Gentlemen !!!.?"


Moments later ...

CRISTIANO "Here Bravo, we are heading ..."


Ben Capiscol " Perfect. Delta, Where are you?"

Fab VEAL : "We are approaching from the rear We are on the stern in 2 minutes ....."


Meanwhile, on the boat

Jacknap "! Put your outfit Rabbit Angel Kurt It will take back control of the Port of Hamburg !!!"

Kurt Ackermann , "OK boss ..."

Ben Capiscol : "WARNING .... TOP ACTION !!!"

Cristina FIGHT : "Excuse me gentlemen, I look for the yacht Peter ANDERSON ..."

Bodyguard "? The Yacht Peter ANDERSON" I know all the yachts of the marina, and that tells me nothing. And Clark, you know a yacht whose owner is Peter ANDERSON? "


The second bodyguard : "No it tells me nothing .... But that would tell you a glass?"


Cristina FIGHT : "Why not?"



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