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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 15 - Part 5

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Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
15th episode – Surprise -


FINAL Season

Capiscol Ben : "So?"

CRISTIANO : "No trace of Jacknap !!!"

Captain Tenroc "Look !! There in the water !!!"

Ben Capiscol : "Where?"

Captain Tenroc : "Here we see a head ... !!!"


Captain Tenroc : "He flees to swim to the Dutch area ...."


Jacknap "And he thought he had me"



Jacknap "But what ... ???"



Jacknap : "What happens I'm not armed ...?."

Jacknap : "Listen, there must be a mistake I fell into the water and I managed to swim back ....".

Ben Capiscol "use not your saliva Jacknap You are dealing with my Dutch counterparts with you also ...."

Ben Capiscol : "Know that there is cooperation through the ATLAS group ( link here ) with us very soon .... "


Ben Capiscol "Jacknap go back to the boat!"

Returning to the port of Emdem
Ben Capiscol : "Well, all's well that ends well ..."

Captain Tenroc : "Yes, but I was just a small detail to clarify ..."

Ben Capiscol "Yes, what?"

Captain Tenroc "You ask yourself the question if it was Alex BOBOD who shot US President, and although I have the answer"

Ben Capiscol : "But what are you doing with that gun?"

Tenroc Captain : "Well it's me who shot the president thinking you were going to lose the command of GSG9 and be soiled by the lack of protection of your men in your procedures What a surprise to see you yesterday still in business.. .. "

Captain Tenroc : "The reason for all this: You remember that I have embarassed you I had also said (. link by clicking on this episode ): My mother is from West Berlin and my father French military who was in the French West Berlin area, was killed in 1988, killed by East German soldiers along the border while helping East German civilians who fled East Berlin ... And this soldier it was your father Capiscol !!! It's Taking !!! "

END of the 1st Season

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