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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 11 - Part 4

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GSG9 - episode 11 – The suitcase

Link of the start of this episode

Part 4: The hideout 


Area east of Berlin

Inspector Willy BURGER : "We will not stay here forever to block the passage of this neighborhood without risking riots ...."

Inspector Willy BURGER : "We have brought your car you left near the ministry of labor ...."


Ben Capiscol " Yes ? Yes sir.  I come ..."

Captain Tenroc : "Who was that?"

Ben Capiscol "My superior, Oska FINDER you met during the operation ATLAS ( link here ) He wants us to .... Winston Hotel. "

Winston Hotel Berlin, 11:32 am

Oskar FINDER  : "Capiscol, here Prince El mamoud"

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud : "Hello, I understand that it is you who have continued my thief ..."

Ben Capiscol "Your thief?"

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud : "Yes, the vehicle that was attacked earlier was part of my convoy And this case is very important for negotiations with the country it is absolutely necessary, we can situate me because... All my bags have a plotter. "

Oskar FINDER  : "Your Excellency, our police will put everything in place to get it back"

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud : "I trust you and I give you the plotter receiver in 5:00 But if I do not get it back I was on my own ...."

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud "Behold the briefcase that draws my bags ... Make good use"

Oskar FINDER  : "Well, tell me all !!!"

Ben Capiscol "The thief who entered the suitcase in a sensitive area and it was very difficult to find it"

Oskar FINDER  : "With the plotter, you can find precisely. I'll get closer to the police who are currently in this neighborhood. Call units of GSG9, they arrive by helicopter and that they stand ready ... "

Ben Capiscol : "Very well sir ...."

20 minutes later, East Berlin neighborhood

Oskar FINDER  "? Hello, Capiscol FINDER to the unit, the tracker always shows where you were this morning?"

Capiscol Ben : "Yes, that's one of the buildings in front of us."

Oskar FINDER  : "OK. Go in communal services that are right next door. A man will meet you ... "

Captain Tenroc "Who are we going to meet?"

Ben Capiscol "I do not know ... Surprise."

Ben Capiscol : "This is ... Let's go."

Wielfried KLICMANN : "Hi, I'm Wielfried KLICMANN, Criminal Inspector of Berlin, in charge of the Anti Drugs pole hideout We are here for a few weeks.."

Wielfried KLICMANN : "We saw your customer with the suitcase up in one of the buildings, and there still is."

Wielfried KLICMANN : "We are monitoring this area because it is a hub of drug trafficking from the east of Berlin."

Ben Capiscol : "My men can invest the neighborhood with your men .... The bag is very important for the negotiations between our two countries Presumably, this is a diplomatic pouch belonging to the Arab prince happened today ... . "

Wielfried KLICMANN ". Well, why not? This is a sensitive area and with your men it certainly impress the small local thugs unaccustomed to special units ...."

Ben Capiscol ". Ok I call my men They will be here in 2 hours, time to climb the operation ...."

3:03 p.m., communal center of East Berlin

Wielfried KLICMANN : "Gentlemen, we will intervene in this area to support the GSG9 Opposite these are not soft and there will also families and children We ask a great temper..."

Wielfried KLICMANN "The Berlin SEK Team lent their armored vehicles as they used to put the cars to block the entrances and exits of this area, we will use, in case, a law enforcement vehicle.. here are the details of our intervention and this neighborhood. "

A few minutes later

Capiscol Ben : "Well, everything is in place there is more to position ourselves KLICMANN Men undercover did not see the man who stole the bag out and tracer indicates that celle-.. it is still there. "

Alex Bobol "Yes The tracer indicates the building in front of us ....".

Operator : "There's movement in the district"

Operator : "2 4X4 just arrived at the building where the suitcase must be"  

Operator : "Men in down ...."

Capiscol Ben : "You can zoom?"

Ben Capiscol "But the man with the white jacket and black tie is .... it's ..."

Ben Capiscol "JACKNAP ... We must act now !!!"


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