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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 11 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 - episode 11 – The suitcase

Part 3: Sanctuary 


Central Berlin, 10:06 am
Lou 44 "Here Lou 44, knew Knal 20. We live in front of the Ministry of Labour"

Lou 44 : "Indeed, protesters claim that the reforms are moving faster to the minimum wage had been announced by the Chancellor ... 


But what happens? "

Lou 44 : "A car just stop dead and three people down ...."

WANTZ : "Every man for himself ..."

Ben Capiscol : "Go is continued on foot ...."

Ben Capiscol "Tenroc, Let's follow that which the white suitcase ...."

Captain Tenroc : "We will lose with all those protesters ...."

Ben Capiscol : "I see ...."


Captain Tenroc : "He ran away ..."

The motorist : "My car ..."

Ben Capiscol " Here GSG9, I commandeers your car"

Ben Capiscol : "Here we go again ..."

Ben Capiscol : "He has a powerful car in the city ... But he can not use the power of this monster ..."

WINZ : "They are always behind me ... Let the next level ..."


WINZ : "And now ...."

WINZ " Hello ? WINZ here, I arrive in less than 10 minutes ..... Get ready !!!"

Ben Capiscol : "Here, we caught up with him ..."

Ben Capiscol " Hello ? yes Central, Ben Capiscol, the GSG9, always in pursuit of a robber We are now Landsberger Allee, we head to the neighborhoods ..."

Captain Tenroc : "It looks like he wants to get out of the city center ..."

Ben Capiscol : "We arrive in neighborhoods east of Berlin ...."

Captain Tenroc : "Where is he?"

Ben Capiscol : "It turns out ...."


Captain Tenroc : "WARNING !!! THE VAN !!!"


Ben Capiscol : "We go on foot !!!"

Policeman : "NO, WAIT !!! You risk being attacked ... We need to be more numerous to go into this area ...."

10 minutes later
Policeman : "Here is the commissary sector ..."

Ben Capiscol : "It is not too early ..."

Plainclothes Policeman : "Hello commissary Willy BURGER, is responsible for the area ...."

Ben Capiscol : "Let's go !!! For too long the person that I pursue returned here .... Force must remain the law ...."

Hauptkommissar Willy BURGER : "Yes, but this is a sensitive area, it is necessary that many of us ..."

Hauptkommissar Willy BURGER : "I do not want a riot here ..."

Ben Capiscol : "There must be anywhere now ..."

Ben Capiscol : "And now ... The car is on fire ...."

Ben Capiscol : "How will we find him in this labyrinth of buildings ???"

Hauptkommissar Willy BURGER : "We will first secure for firefighters ...."

Hauptkommissar Willy BURGER : "From then .... Too many people will stick together here and we risk being stoned"

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