dimanche 7 juin 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 7 - Part 2

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- Part 2: Hearing -

Court of Hamburg, 9:54

Ben Capiscol  "Go it's time, come Jacknap !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Go put you here !!! "

Clerk  : "Gentlemen, ladies, the court ..."

Judge Gottfried STRAUSS :   "I call this meeting !!! "


Judge Gottfried STRAUSS :   "We will hear the officer who was in charge of the investigation into Mr. Jakcnap. "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  "Thank you your honor. I'm Karoline ZIMMERMANN, the Criminal Police director  and I now investigated for 5 years on the Rabbit Angels gang... "


Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "The Rabbit Angels gang is a criminal organization. It specializes in racketeering, kidnapping, drugs, arms trafficking and prostitution. I'll bring you the evidence that this man, Jacknap, here, is the leader of this organization ... "

2 hours later

Judge Gottfried STRAUSS :   "Thank Police director, I adjourned the meeting, we will resume tomorrow at 10:00 !! "

Ben Capiscol  "Go, we go Jacknap !!! "

Ben Capiscol  : "We go back to jail ..."


Ben Capiscol  "Go go again !!! "

Ben Capiscol  : "At this time we will be able to go faster ..."

Federal Jail in Hamburg, 12:15

Captain Tenroc  : "Indeed, Her Capiscol, we have 15 minutes against 20 this morning ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "It is indeed always drive fast to avoid being caught in a trap ... go I invite you to discover the Hamburg taverns ..."


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