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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 14 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
14th episode – Arms trafficking -


Part 2: 1930

GSG9 Headquarters, Bonn, Monday 9:02

Helma SCHEFFER ". Welcome Captain Tenroc. I was appointed new commandant to replace Ben Capiscol. I'll take care of you.".

Captain Tenroc the French GIGN , "How is he?"

Helma SCHEFFER : "There is still suspended following the fire on the US President in Berlin ... ( link here ). "

Helma SCHEFFER : "But Come with me. We have a new mission that will interest you ...!"

Helma SCHEFFER : "We will go on Muhlhausen to support the local team about arms trafficking"

Helma SCHEFFER : "The criminals stole Austria a factory arms shipment which was to be sent to the Austrian army corps of the conveyors 4 were found in the truck where they were carrying weapons ...."

Helma SCHEFFER : "A false Austrian police car was found at the scene and has certainly helped to stop the truck at a rest area as accomplices had closed to traffic Austrian scientist found in the false X5. Police parking authorization ticket in the city of Steyr "

Helma SCHEFFER : "This parking permit was for a German TV crew was shooting a movie in downtown. This one is part of the day for Germany in the city of Muhlhausen. We believe that weapons are hidden in a.. the filming of trucks ... investigators are already in discrete hideout to monitor the team. We will reach the ... "

Muhlhausen, Germany, Tuesday, 10:43 am

Helma SCHEFFER : "This is where, we return ..."

Helma SCHEFFER : "In this school parking .... Different services arrived ..."

Helma SCHEFFER : "Hi, I'm Helma SCHEFFER, commandant of GSG9 Where are we.?"

Gustav NICHT "I am Gustav NICHT, commissar in charge of arms trafficking in the German Ministry of Interior services Antigang and SEK ERFURT are also present. Their men are there in civilian and hideout.. . But come and see for yourself ... "

Gustav NICHT : "The film crew moved here under the old city walls ...."

Gustav NICHT : "As you see, there are many vehicles ..."

Gustav NICHT "They started to shoot scenes for their movie set in the 30's ..."

Gustav NICHT "But we do not know in what kind of truck is the arms shipment Maybe they have distributed several vehicles ...."

Helma SCHEFFER : "OK ..."

Helma SCHEFFER ". Alex You're going to put you with a sniper on a rooftop and watch what happens."

Alex BOBOD : "OK!"

Helma SCHEFFER : "Cristiano, you take command of Alpha Group and you put yourself on the left of the square recessed into Peter Street, you take the head of the group. Congratulations and you put yourself right out of the place as Cristiano. , down. Me I will stand with the group amid Charlie ... "

Captain Tenroc : "You think thieves cargo will get rid of it now?"

Helma SCHEFFER :.. "Yes, it's too risky to keep Maybe did they already hidden .... But since we were quick on the investigation by the Austrian, I do not think the whole film crew's knowledge. And if one of their trucks were missing, they would not start shooting them ... "

Alex Bobod ". Observer 1 position We have a clear view of behind the scenes and trucks ..."

Alex Bobod "Here Observer 1. A car comes in behind the scenes ...."

Alex BOBOD : "She goes to the place of break and two men got out .." 

BOBOD Alex : "But it looks .... Yes, I see him !!! Jacknap One of the men got out of the car ... Jacknap."


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