dimanche 14 juin 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 11 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 - episode 11 – The suitcase

Part 2: Pursuit 

Ben Capiscol "Here car 412, are in pursuit of a BMW coupe blue board, 3 Individuals who come to rob and shoot a car ...."

WINZ : "Attempts to sow !!!"

Ben Capiscol : "We come on Urbanstrabe ...."

WINZ : "Go ahead, forces the passage !!!!"

Captain Tenroc : "They take risks sacred ..."

Captain Tenroc "Go ...."

WINZ : "The cops are always behind us ....."

Driver of the blue BMW : "We will see if they also spend ..."

Captain Tenroc : "HEY... THE VAN ..."

Captain Tenroc : "HEY, THE TRUCK ..."

Ben Capiscol "And hop ...."

Ben Capiscol "If they believe they will lose me .... And besides a police car joins us for the prosecution ...."

WINZ : "And now there are 2 police cars ...."

Driver BMW Blue "Go changing direction ..."

Ben Capiscol "They panic: They do not know where they are going ..."

Ben Capiscol "If they believe they will lose me ...."

WINZ : "Where do you go?"

Driver BMW blue  "On a big boulevard but it looks like it is blocked ...."

Ben Capiscol : "But what is he doing?"

Captain Tenroc "It may overthrow pedestrian ...."

Captain Tenroc : "It was hot ....."

Ben Capiscol : "He'll hit a car at that speed ....."

Ben Capiscol "I will do the same ..."

Captain Tenroc : "We will block the ..."

WINZ : "We can not ride ..."

Driver of the Blue BMW : "There is a solution ...."

Ben Capiscol : "But it's crazy ...."

Ben Capiscol : "We will stay here We will not take the risk of hitting a car ...."


Ben Capiscol : "He must slow down ... It will really hit a car ..."

Driver of the Blue BM : "We will get there ...."

Captain Tenroc : "He has an infernal luck ...."

WINZ : "And in addition to the central police station ...."

Captain Tenroc : "A police car pursuit committed against the direction ...."

Ben Capiscol : "I see ...."

Ben Capiscol : "That's the reason for this bottling: an event ... They will not be able to go further ...."

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