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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 6 - part 1

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Any resemblance to persons
or real situations  or having existed
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 6 - Persecution

Part 1 

LEER, town in Lower Saxony 

City hall of LEER, 9:11 am

Oda MEISTER  : "The weekly meeting will start in 5 minutes Her Mayor "

Carl Schmidt, Mayor  "Thank Oda. I almost forgot .. What would I do without you? "

Peter AFTEEL  "Hello Oda, I will need your special services after this meeting ..."

Carl Schmidt, Mayor  : "No problem Her WOLF? "

Wielfried WOLF Police chief of LEER : "No. Except 2 small thugs we stopped yesterday that the local school tagguaient the wall "

Wielfried WOLF  : "But what ... ??? Oda, visit me my weapon !!! "

Oda MEISTER  : "STAND !!! "

Oda MEISTER  : "And now that nobody moves !!! "

Bonn, Base GSG9, 10:06

Captain Tenroc, French GIGN  "Interesting this training at that airport. "

Capiscol Ben  : "Yes, and this shows the difficulty of managing intervention in such a vast place ..."

Policeman  : "Commandeur, we just received a call for help .."

Policeman  : "The Mayor of LEER in Lower Saxony is taken hostage with part of his team in the town hall. We have very little evidence ... "

Ben Capiscol  "Okay, I'm leaving with the GS9 / 1 right away !!! "

LEER Center, 11:26

Otmar GRIEG deputy chief of police LEER  "Here is the GSG9 ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "I am the GSG9 commander. Do you have more information from earlier? "

Otmar GRIEG  : "I am the deputy chief of police LEER. We have very little information. This is a young woman who brought the coffees in a meeting room of the Town Hall and could not go, because the door was closed and heard the voice of a woman tell him she would otherwise generate a massacre . "

Otmar GRIEG  : "She is currently in 3 rd floor where we see the covered balcony with 7 hostages: the mayor, the chief of police LEER, and 5 people of the community council ... "

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