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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 6 - Last part

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Any resemblance to persons
or real situations  or having existed
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 6 - Persecution

Following the 3 rd  party and end of episode 6

Peter AFTEEL  "But you're crazy. We will all burn 2? "

Oda MEISTER  "Yes. It’s the goal ... "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "ODA, it’s the police !!! "

Oda MEISTER  "Go !!! Let us !!! "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "ODA. We have the film. You will be able to file a complaint against this man. It is you the victim !!! "

Oda MEISTER  : "No, it's too late ..."

Helma SCHEFFER  "No ODA. Get off !!! "

Helma SCHEFFER  : 'Oh my god !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Helma, Clear !!! The fire is becoming increasingly important. The wooden central staircase is on fire. You will be airlifted by a helicopter of the Bundespolizei ... "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "Yes I do. "


Helma SCHEFFER  : "Grab the rope Cristiano !!! "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "Peter first !!!  second, Kristiano in 3 rd and I last. "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "It's OK, I stand ... back off !!! "

Helma SCHEFFER  : "Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh ..."

Helma SCHEFFER  : "It's OK. I'm on the ground .... "

Ben Capiscol  : "We viewed the USB stick found in his car, and actually we see that abuse of your secretary. It was to be under the influence of drugs because it does not react on the video ... "

Carl Schmidt, Mayor : "I never believed that my advisor ..."

Carl Schmidt, Mayor  : "What a waste ... This woman who committed suicide and now the city hall that will completely burn ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "It will clean his honor by the fire ..."

End of 6 th episode

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