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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 11 - part 5

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 - episode 11 – The suitcase

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Part 5: Intervention 


East district of Berlin, 4:45 p.m.

Jacknap "Then WINZ, you told me you were going to pay me 500,000 euros thy men lost in drugs when the police have the mugs ..."

WINZ ". Yes, Mr JACKNAP We flew a diplomatic bag belongs to an Arab prince .... It's locked ..."

WINZ : "Men who work for me at the airport saw the little game last 4 trips of the prince, with a suitcase that always travels with a bodyguard ... and I thought it must surely be many value "

Jacknap : "And you have had no problem taking it ??"

WINZ : "The cops chased me until this morning but did not find me ...."

Jacknap "How ??? The cops came in your neighborhood this morning?"


Jacknap : "What ??? How ??? When?"

Jacknap : "Fool .... The cops are coming ... it removes Bob !!!"

WINZ "NO NO Jacknap ...."

Jacknap : "OK. Leave the suitcase here, it's hard ...."

And immediately outside the entrance area


In the first armored police : "RUN !!!"



Police : "Go, Go, Go !!!"

Police : "Go, go, go ...."


Ben Capiscol : "It has been 5 minutes since my men have invested this building can go ...."

Ben Capiscol : "These are the first men who came with the 4X4 ... but no trace of Jacknap ..."

Ben Capiscol "But there .... He is .... JACKNAP !!!"

Ben Capiscol ". JACKNAP !!!! Make you, you are surrounded !!!"

JACKNAP "I will not go back to jail ...."

Ben Capiscol "STOP!!!"

Employee : "You have no right to be here ...."

Ben Capiscol "JACKNAP, YOU STOPPED !!!"


Ben Capiscol "NOOOOOOO !!!!"

Ben Capiscol "STOOOOOOP !!!"

Ben Capiscol "SHIIIIT...."

Captain Tenroc : "He still managed to escape ...."

Moments later

Alex Bobol "the suitcase was recovered was a man beside her, dead, killed by a bullet ...."

Wielfried KLICMANN : "Well you aves the essential: the suitcase ...."

Capiscol Ben : "Yes but I missed Jacknap ..."

Inspector Willy BURGER ". As against this will go .... The crowd grows"

Ben Capiscol : "I'll take the bag to the prince ...."

Winston Hotel, 5:31 p.m.

Ben Capiscol ". Here Mr. Hold the suitcase ..."

Oskar FINDER  : "Thank Capiscol ..."

Oskar FINDER  : "This is the suitcase for the prince ..."

Peter HANS : ". I will not give him what he has to go meet your Chancellor ...."

HANS Peter : "Behold your suitcase your excellence ..."

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud : "My precious underwear wearing me luck .... Do not have them on me would not have allowed me to negotiate properly ..."

END of episode 11


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