dimanche 21 juin 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 14 - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
14th episode – Arms trafficking -

Part 1: The factory

Factory of weapons of Zielscheibe Manngewehr,
Steyr, Austria, Friday, 10:12 am

Peter RUNBECK "Here the delegation of El Mamoud prince ..."

Anders Wieselmann ". Welcome to our factory Zielscheibe Manngewehr I WIELSELMANN Anders, head of Zielscheibe Manngewehr, and here Peter RUNBECK, the director of the plant .... You have a good travel?"

Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud ". Yes, thanks..."

Anders Wieselmann : "Here are our design offices where our weapons are designed We are improving our products regularly, with innovative technologies ...."

Anders Wieselmann : "As you see, gentlemen, we manufacture machine guns last generation at a rate of 100 units per day"

Anders Wieselmann : "According to your requirements, we can deliver 10,000 pieces in six months."

Anders Wieselmann : "We are preparing a delivery for the Austrian army."

Anders Wieselmann "What we load in a discreet truck to deliver them today ..."

Anders Wieselmann : "He will be escorted by an army team"


Prince Ali Ben El Mamoud ". Yes, very interesting We must also equip our whole army just gunners latest guns ..."

Anders Wieselmann : "Let's talk business, Your Highness, in my office ...."  

Driver of the Audi A6 gray  : "Warning, the package leaves the factory's all good for you.?"


Man in orange chasuble : "Yes everything is ready. Nobody on the rest area ...."

Driver of the Audi A6 gray  ". Perfect They take the planned route We are with you in 20 minutes ...."

Guard in the gray BMW walkie talkie: "It's okay for you?"

Driver of the blue truck , "Yes hopefully we will be in an hour in the Austrian garrison ...."

Driver of the blue truck ". The passenger in the police car made me follow signs for What am I doing?"

Driver of the BMW Grey "! Follow This should be a simple control of a lorry They ignore that this is a special shipment from Let's see what we will be arrested ....".

Driver of the blue truck , "OK ..."

Blue truck driver : "We turn to a rest area ..."

Man in orange chasuble : "Go Karl !!! puts barriers !!!"

Driver of the yellow polo , "Hey, I'd go back ...."

Man in orange chasuble : "Sorry, the rest area is closed for maintenance ...."

Driver of the BMW Grise "Park your car behind the car !!!"

Driver of the BMW Grise : "We join you ...."

Guard : ". Hello Sirs. We are the company Zielscheibe Manngewehr, and we have special permission to transport ..."

Policeman : "Yes, we are aware. UP HANDS !!!."

Man in gray : "GO, all before the truck !!!"


Man in gray : "Perfect, one is in the timing ..."

Man in gray "Go Gentlemen, get in the truck !!!"


Man in gray "Go mount and change you should join our convoy by 20 minutes ...."

Rest area close to the German border .... 

" they arrive !!!!"

Claus "? But you were where you have more than one hour late. The actors have already arrived in Germany ....."

Man in gray : "We had a problem with the banner on the sheet. We had to stop to fix it in a garage ...."

Claus ". OK Go, everyone in the camper and truck, we leave for the border ..."

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