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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 12 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit -  episode 12 – Go Fast


Part 2: Briefing

Wednesday, 9:12 am, Highway Police center,
Outskirts of Düsseldorf

Karoline ZIMMERMANN ". Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello You are here today to an interception of a Go Fast ...."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "One informant, who died there three days, was found with a paper on it: Wednesday, A2, Eigen, 12.00 to H, 4 cars: one Porsche, Two X6, one Mercedes E"

Karoline ZIMMERMANN :.. "She had to tell me about a drug transport to Hamburg Given the indications that we have collected, we believe that it is a fast Go through the description of 4 cars Further, indications and A2 Eigen, make us think that they will certainly go through the highway 2 and stop at the gas station Eigen who autobahn from this ... "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN :.. "We will position upstream vehicles to spot the approach of this go Fast Can a larger device to the gas station to stop Finally, if they try to escape, we will be, too, equipped with powerful vehicles to continue and create a slowdown on the Autobahn A .... your cars and your positions .... "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "I hope I'm not mistaken ..."

Ben Capiscol "This paper is found too specific if it was individuals who killed your informer, it will be for another time ...."

11:06 am, Eigen Service Station on the Highway 2

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "Everything is in place, we have to wait hoping that our assumptions are good..."

Ben Capiscol ". Rest assured Karoline We have an adequate device ..."

11:47 am
Man in orange outfit : "Here one observer, a gray Porsche and a Mercedes coupe gray E just spent our position"

Capiscol Ben : "You had a flair It is certainly here they are going to stop to refuel and went to Hamburg ....."

Observer 2 : "The Mercedes continues the porsche enters the gas station ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN ". Warning all The gray porsche happens ...."

Ben Capiscol "They check that they are no police ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "Warning, passengers get 2 .... Absolute silence."

Captain Tenroc : "They go to the pumps ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "They are preparing for the arrival of the X6 to their full sto that drivers are ready to go at a moment's notice ..."

At the same moment
Man in orange outfit : "Here Observer 1 2 BMW X6 model, navy blue and gray, just passed"


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