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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 8 - Part 4

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Any resemblance to persons
or real situations  or having existed
is purely coincidental

8th episode – Police Station -


Part 4: Burglary 

 central police station in Munich, 9:08 am

Hostage taker  "Leave your cell lit for me to hear what is happening around you. Get me what I asked you !!! I wait with your son and not a word !!! "

Policeman  : "Herta !!! How are you ??? You have been released !!! "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Yes, I'm fine. Just fill out my report in stride ... "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Go quickly to sealed ..."

Meanwhile in the apartment of SCHREIBER, 9:14 am

FROMM Huppert  : "It is up to him .... "

Ben Capiscol  "Mr. SCHREIBER, what has happened ?? Where are your wife and daughter? "

Steffen SCHREIBER  : "When the man who was threatening us to view your men evacuate our neighbors, he took us upstairs. Then he knocked me out and had to take advantage of the confusion to run away with my wife and son by the back of the house "

FROMM Huppert  : "He told you what he wanted ?? "

Steffen SCHREIBER  : "Yes. When he entered, he said he wanted to retrieve an object that is in the seals. A bag of diamonds that was found at a crime scene. He knew that my wife works there and asked before a courier arrives to go while he was holding us hostage .... "

FROMM Huppert  : "But then it must be the central police station right now .... QUICKLY !!! Cars !!! "

Sealed the office of the central police station, 9:20 am
Dimitri Grütt  "HERTA .... How are you ??? "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Although Dimitri. I'm fine. We have all been released ... Could you get me a coffee ??? "

Dimitri Grütt  "Sure ... Herta. See you in a bit

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Go quickly, which is filed diamonds ..."

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Wardrobe 1 .... "

Herta SCHREIBER at phone : "That's it, I have what you want, where you are? "

Hostage taker  : "In the street behind the police ..."

Hostage-taker  , "There ..."

Herta SCHREIBER  : "I have your box. Free my son now !!! "

Hostage-taker  , "Launch box !!! "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Let my son first !!! "

Hostage-taker  , "Well, I was a coward. Launch now !!! "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "OK ..."


Hostage taker  "Huh ??? "


Peter : "Aggressor mastered !!! "

Klaus CRISTIANO  "Come !!!"

Ben Capiscol  : "Are you okay ??? "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Yes, thank you ... And my husband ??? "

FROMM Huppert  : "He's fine. He just was stunned. It is thanks to him that we could intervene as fast .... "

Herta SCHREIBER  : "How did you know we were here? "

FROMM Huppert  : "I called the operational center who could watch the cameras and the police who spotted your presence out of this car. After cross-checking with your husband, we suspected that the kidnapper would remain in the car with your daughter. "

Ben Capiscol  "It only remained to isolate the individual to master it. Occasion obtained when you made out of his car and is let go ... your daughter. All's well That ends well

Herta SCHREIBER  : "Thank you all !!! "

END of episode 8

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