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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 10 - Kidnapping - Part 1

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Any resemblance to persons
gold or real situations HAVING Existed
Purely coincidental is

GSG9 Special Unit - 10th episode - Kidnapping -

Part 1: The Rape

Hamburg suburb, Saturday evening

Kurt Ackermann : "We go here ..."

Marco  : "With whom? "

Kurt Ackermann  : "You'll see. It happens ... "

Marco  : "JACKNAP !!! I had pa recognized in business suits you .... What are you doing here ?? It is dangerous to be left on Hamburg after your escape ( link on this  episode ) ... "

Jacknap "Good evening Marco. Made in the suit fits me better than holding biker gang .... and then I had one last little point to settle before leaving. Through the trial, I heard that the police knew about me through this investigator: Karoline ZIMMERMANN. "


Jacknap : "I actually was surprised that she knew all its information on our Hamburg network. And I thought: who knew many details about our organization Rabbits Angels, who had prepared our secret meeting in Hamburg ( link on this episode ) and who was responsible for securing? And each time, the same name stands out: Yours !!! "

Marco  : "You are mistaken Jacknap is pure coincidence ... And I ..."


Jacknap "Put me that with the trash .... Okay, now that I have settled my problem Hamburg, I will be interested in this small investigator: Karoline ZIMMERMANN"

Berlin, Monday, 7:45, Primary school Helmutt KOHL

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "Katarina, I'm coming for you this afternoon .... "

Katarina : "A while ago Daddy ..."

Primary school Helmutt KOHL, 11:55

MEISTER Oda, a teacher  : "Mr. KRAUSS, but what are you doing here ??? "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "How come?"

Oda MEISTER  : "A woman came for Katarina, there is a time to take her to a hospital because you had an accident ..."

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "Not at all, what is that story ... DRING DRING ... Hello? "

Voice on the phone : "Listen to me carefully and leave this school if you want to see your little Katarina !!! "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "Hello?  I'm alone ... "

Voice on the phone  : "Listen carefully: if you want to see your daughter alive, pour a ransom of 2 million euros in a brown bag. You have until tomorrow morning to raise money ... I recontacted on this issue tomorrow morning ... "

Operational Centre of the Ministry of the Interior German, the same day, 01:50 p.m.

Ben Capiscol  : "The arrest of the Hamburg group allowed us to avoid a major attack on our territory ... ( link on this   episode ) "

Oskar FINDER, director of GSG9  "Yes, indeed. We must now find their accomplices ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "And where are we on Jacknap, chief Rabbit Angels who fled during his trial? "

Oskar FINDER  : "He is still at large ..."

Oskar FINDER  : "Karoline ZIMMERMANN was to arrive at 13:00. His informant in Rabbit Angels was found dead this morning. "

Oskar FINDER : "The garbage men found his body between 2 containers ..."

Oskar FINDER : "He was shot with a bullet to the head. His death goes back to Saturday according to experts. No witnesses, no CCTV .... "

Ben Capiscol  "I'll call Karoline Hello, How you are where we'll be right there ....?"

Captain Tenroc the French GIGN , "What's going on Ben? "

Ben Capiscol : "It is at police headquarters Berlin: we just remove his daughter ..."


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