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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 15 - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
15th episode – Surprise -

Part 1: Survey

Ministry of the Interior, Berlin,
2 days after the seizure of stolen weapons ( Link on this episode )
Friday, 10:32

Gustav RUNBECK, German Interior Minister : "Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to congratulate you for the arrest of those arms traffickers and recovery of automatic rifles stolen in Austria (. Link on this episode ) The speed and professionalism of your units allowed to intervene quickly. Still Bravo ... "


Captain Tenroc the French GIGN , "It's good to have congratulations of Big Boss ...."

Helma SCHEFFER : "Yes indeed ...."


Oskar FINDER, Managing Director of GSG9 "SCHEFFER, Tenroc captain, follow me !!!"

Oskar FINDER, Managing Director of GSG9 : "The recovery of weapons is a success, but again, Jacknap managed to escape You will not be too many in the operation have been preparing for three weeks ..... "

Helma SCHEFFER : "Capiscol, ZIMMERMANN !!!"

Ben Capiscol "Helma, Tenroc ... Welcome to my new office ..."

Ben Capiscol : "We are doing a survey in the greatest discretion Jacknap recent months, it eludes us, so that each time we are 2 fingers to catch him as if he was warned ....".


Ben Capiscol : "After his escape during his trial ( Episode 7 - Überführung - Link here ), we have created here at the Ministry, an investigation cell with 3 men. "


Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "The body found one of his arms straight in Hamburg ( KinderGeisel Episode 10 - Link here ), was a man that I had infiltrated through a prostitute.

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "It allowed us to stop in September Jacknap (. Episode 5 - Rabbit Angels Band - Link here ) Very few people were aware of this infiltration. "

Ben Capiscol . "We realized, belatedly, that Jacknap was cleaning the body of that prostitute, who had helped to get our man, there 3 years in their organization, was found near the border Franco -German by Karoline ZIMMERMANN (. Episode 12 - Go Fast - Link by clicking here ) "


Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "I think she was shot by Kurt Ackermann, you see right on this photo, the big bald This is one of the lieutenants of Jacknap, which is responsible for controlling prostitutes in Hamburg It is.. the Rabbit Angels gang. ( Episode 5 - Rabbit Angels Band - Link here ) A very violent man ... "


Ben Capiscol : "This is the same woman who helped us stop a Go Fast, near EIGEN, there are 1 month ( Episode 12 - Go Fast - Link by clicking here ) That Go Fast which was certainly deliver. organizing Jacknap in drugs ... "

Ben Capiscol : "We find Jacknap in an exchange for a stolen suitcase He managed to escape again (. Episode 11 - Der Koffer - Link by clicking here ) certainly prevented by someone ... Yes, but who? "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "And here, during the arrest of arms traffickers, it is still present (. Episode 14 - Waffenhandel - Link here ) And again, he managed to escape ..... "


Capiscol Ben : "So we ask the phone list that issued shortly before the thieves arrests of the bag and arms traffickers, and, each time, a lot number of the lot: that of an agent on site: Alex BOBOD ... "

Helma SCHEFFER : "Alex BOBOD, the new team leader of one of the units GSG9 who joined our group there is little that has originated from SEK Munich ??? ( Episode 8 - Kommissariat - Link here ) "

Ben Capiscol "Yes, alas .."


Captain Tenroc : "But will he has to do with the shooter on the US president?"

Ben Capiscol : "We don't know, but we believe According to experts, the one who killed our two men, was killed because he know the them without surprise, almost point blank ...... ( Episode 13 - POTUS- Link here ) We don't understand his interest to shoot the president .... We believe in all that I had been revoked for me with Karoline, to work better with the elements it has on the organization of the Rabbit Angels Jacknap of henchmen "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN . "During my five years of investigations, I have made, discovered through this chart, all the ramifications mafia companies Jacknap We realized that Rabbit Angels are only an instrument for his business: in fact, with arms trafficking, protistués, drugs, and so on, Jacknap amassed a fortune he invested in all kinds of activities that they are legal .... But they need henchmen .... "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "One of the companies that I suspect is a company serials productions ... The same as you went through to Mülhausen ( Link on this episode ) "

Ben Capiscol "This is why we will try to trap ALex BOBOD in a false operation to stop Jacknap This will allow us to locate the phone number he calls to prevent our interventions and where Jacknap is.. ... And I need you, Helma to create this trap .... "


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