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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 10 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons
gold or real situations HAVING Existed
Purely coincidental is

GSG9 Special Unit - 10th episode - Kidnapping -


Part 2: The ransom  

Central Police Berlin, 1:50 p.m.

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "Thank you for coming so quickly ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Tell me everything !!! "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "I am divorced for 2 years and my ex-husband, Jürgen KRAUSS, here, got custody of our daughter Katarina. He remarried and lives here in Berlin. He is a banker. Was removed this morning our daughter in her school. The kidnapper asked him € 2 million. Jürgen immediately contacted me knowing that I was coming here to Berlin. "

Capiscol Ben  : "You have enemies Mr. KRAUSS? "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "No person. I am a loner. I go out little, I did not deal with customers of my bank and I spend all my free time with my new wife and my daughter as soon as I finished work ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "Does the kidnapper asked you not to contact the police? "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "No. He spoke calmly. One felt that he knew what he wanted. Saving my daughter sir! I can quickly raise the money they want .... "

Ben Capiscol  "And you Karoline, someone you want? "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "With our work, certainly, but I was very discreet about my divorce and my personal life ..."

Ben Capiscol ". OK we'll wait for the call from the kidnapper tomorrow I'm going to call my men to join us here and we organize ... Meanwhile, prepare the sum Mr KRAUSS Both present their real tickets.."

The next morning, 7:30 a.m, Police Headquarters Berlin

Ben Capiscol  "You have the sum Mr KRAUSS? "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "Yes, she's here in this brown suitcase as requested ..."


Ben Capiscol  "Pick !!! "

Jürgen KRAUSS  : "Hello? "

Distorted voice on the phone  : "You have the money? Yes? Okay ... .Attendez a minute, I remind you .... "

Ben Capiscol  "But what game he plays? "


Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "It's my phone ringing ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Pick !!! "

Distorted voice on the phone  : "Hello Karoline. Take the brown bag your ex-husband who is next to you and now go down to the main entrance of the central police !!!  Tut Tut Tut "

Ben Capiscol : "We expected it to be your ex-husband Jürgen KRAUSS, carrying the suitcase This does not change the device's GSG9 My men will be all around you ... Karoline.."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "How does he know that I am with my ex-husband to the police and how does he know my cell phone number ?? "

CAPSICOL Ben  : "Yes, it's strange ... down, we will follow you discreetly ..."


Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "Hello? Do not hurt my daughter, I beg you !!! "

Distorted voice on the phone  : "No question. Follow my orders and you will review your living cherub ... Get on the next bus arrives and let the phone off the hook so I could talk to you ... "

Ben Capiscol in the gray Mercedes ". Attention all ZIMMERMANN The agent is installed in the bus ..."

Captain Tenroc  "It's strange ... He knew who was the ex-wife of Jürgen Krauss and her whereabouts ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "Indeed. The kidnapper seems to know very well this couple. This is certainly a friend of the family ... "


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