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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 15 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons  
or real situations  or having existed  
is purely coincidental

- GSG9 Special Unit -
15th episode – Surprise -


Part 2: Bait

GSG9 Headquarters, Bonn, Saturday 05:06 am

Helma SCHEFFER : "Gentlemen, we'll hit a great shot Reportedly, Jacknap would have a place to store all sorts of illegal goods ... The place is 500 km from here .... And here's plans.. "


Helma SCHEFFER "? You all understood aves Yes OK Aboard 5:00 We have to go there and take the hidden material ...."


Alex BOBOD "I will to the WC before you go ..."

Alex BOBOD : "Hello Yes, we go to Leipzig, in grunter companies to find merchandise hidden in deposits Your name was mentioned how Yes, we leave in 10 minutes and we will be on area..? 4:50. You will have time to clean ... goodbye ... "

Helma SCHEFFER : "So Alex, You call ???"

Capiscol Ben : "So Alex, you phone to ?"


Ben Capiscol : "Know that we traced your call ...

Ben Capiscol "You have to cooperate any interest ...."

A few minutes later

Helma SCHEFFER : "So you know who he called?"

Ben Capiscol "Yes. Its focal point is the city of Emden A coastal town facing the Netherlands .... Perfect to escape to another country ...."

Ben Capiscol : "We will get there, but we will need to locate the perfect Alex ... You stay here Helma, to mentor Alex BOBOD !!!."

5 hours later, Port Emdem

Ben Capiscol ". Here Capiscol We arrived at Emdem !!! Alex can recall."

Alex BOBOD " Allo ? Yes, Alex call. We are ready to intervene ...."

Jacknap "Thank BOBOD, we made the necessary They will not find anything ...."

Jacknap : "It's still mad that he spotted this storage center ... It will be wary in the future ... I'm out of cigarettes Get me !!! Kurt."

Kurt Ackermann : "Yes boss, I go right away ..."

Moments later

Ben Capiscol "Perfect, it is housed The phone is close.."

Ben Capiscol "Here It should be here ... But where.?"

The Tenroc captain : "This is not one of the lieutenants of Jacknap?"

Ben Capiscol ". But if you're right ... It's Kurt Ackermann Let us follow !!!"

Ben Capiscol : "Follow this man ..."

Ben Capiscol : "This is certainly the base of Jacknap: on a boat .... How clever it may well be able to escape to the Netherlands ....."


Ben Capiscol . "We contacted the Dutch police in case she is ready to cooperate within the framework of the ATLAS operation if he fled to the Netherlands ( link here ) ... We'll finally the stop ... "


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