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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 10 - Part 4

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Any resemblance to persons
gold or real situations HAVING Existed
Purely coincidental is

GSG9 Special Unit - 10th episode - Kidnapping -

Part 4 and end: Bluff  


A street in Berlin, 9:01 am

Tenroc Captain : "Well, this will do 30 minutes and no movement ..."

Ben Capiscol : "Does anyone see anything suspicious?"

Alex Bobol  "No. Nothing Commander. I see a woman pushing an elderly person ... This street is very quiet ... "


Ben Capiscol " Karoline ??? Allo ?? ... Yes ... WHAT ??? We arrive !!!!"

Ben Capiscol : "Alex, you follow me, Helma you pick up the suitcase is in the truck !!!"

Captain Tenroc : "What happens?"

Ben Capiscol : "We got rolling as bruises She threw a fake bag in this dump ... It is located in the park ... TIERGARTEN."

The captain Tenroc "Here ..."

Capiscol Ben : "Karoline ?"

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "When the bus slowed, while At a time, the kidnapper on the phone told me to take an identical suitcase that was already on the bus and throw it in the dumpster."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "Then he asked me to go down five stops away ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "Then to direct me to a gray bike ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN "and told me that my child was in the van in front of me, the rider took my suitcase and I ran to the van ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "And there she was alive, she was playing with a tablet ..."

Ben Capiscol : "We got ripped down the line ... Have you recognized the biker, voice or way of speaking of the kidnapper on the phone?"

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : ".. No. The biker had a mask on the phone's voice was distorted But before hanging up, when I took my child, I asked him why kidnapping my daughter ...."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN : "And he said, nothing ventured, nothing gained ..."

Ben Capiscol : "Strange as reflection And it tells me something .... I've heard somewhere ...?"

Ben Capiscol "go back to police headquarters, Karoline, that she also found her dad ..."

Precisely at that moment in front of the central police station

Biker : "An express package for you Sir ..."

Jacknap  : "And here Kurt, 2 million won easily ... As a bonus, a scare for this small Commissioner ZIMMERMANN"

Kurt Ackermann  : "We must leave now, sir ..."

Jacknap "Yes, we go, but you see, it excites me so much all these people taunt Police .... Hahaha ...."

End of episode 10

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